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Rise up and Shine! Its morning time!

Are you like a walking zombie in the morning? You try dragging yourself from bed and opening your eyes are quite a hassle. You try insisting on five more minutes and hit that snooze button and still want to shut your eyes. And when you get to work, you still yawn frequently and have a hard time keeping your eyes open.
Of course, don’t forget the excuse that you are really not a morning person and if you do not want to lose your job because of this awful habit of getting up in bed without the feeling of being refreshed and energized. Here are some tips for greeting the day right and feeling revitalized.
Before bedtime:

  • Try to double check your necessities before sleeping.
  • Eat early and eat light dinners with fresh vegetables and avoid heavy meals.
  • Keep a glass of water beside your bed to keep you hydrated before you fall asleep.
  • Go to the bathroom before bedtime.
  • Select a pillow and mattress that firmly supports your back and minimize any possibility of stiff necks or back pain.
  • Do not think of problems before going to sleep. Feeling stressed and angry will affect your quality of sleep.
  • Manipulate your environment, dim the lights, turn the air conditioning on, better with no telephone or television in your bedroom.
  • Put your alarm clock at the opposite end of the room, not within reach and stand up as soon as the alarm goes on.

At daybreak:

  • Rise at a regular time everyday even on weekends.
  • Eat breakfast which we all know is the most important meal of the day. This will provide you fuel and energy for you to work efficiently all day.
  • Go easy with the caffeine. Limit your consumption to one cup in the morning.
  • Exercise a little. A short brisk or a 30 minute run will do.
  • Always establish an enjoyable morning routine. Always do something in the morning that you look forward in doing like reading the newspaper or watching the news while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Start your day with a smile.