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Time is Gold. Especially if You are a Mom!

We know how busy you are. Doing the laundry, cooking for your family, taking your kids to school– and this usually is an everyday routine for you. But sometimes doing everything (or at least trying to) the perfect way can be time consuming. There is no shame in taking shortcuts sometimes. Really, you ARE a busy mom aren’t you? So here are some tips on how to stop throwing away time.
Forget fashion whims. Avoid the whole trying to pick out the perfect outfit in the morning habit. Try sorting out your stuff at the beginning of the week–or at least the night before. This will surely save time in the morning and also short circuits potential arguments on what to wear.
Buy it when you see it. Do not run to the store every time your child gets invited to a birthday party. Instead, stock up on one size fits all kind of presents whenever you spot a sale.
Watch only the good stuff. There’s no reason to sit through commercials- record your favorite shows, then fast forward the ads. If you must watch television in real time, hit the mute button during the breaks and sort the mail or fold the laundry.
Stop competing with Martha. There is a reason for buying ready to bake goodies, it’s okay not to start from scratch. If you are anything like a modernishly lazy mom, try following Nigella instead and watch some of her shows on youtube.
Follow the golden rule of organization. Learn to throw away is not needed. Like old bills, newspapers, and learn to recycle if needed.
Don’t be a “eat vegetables and vegetables only” kind of mom. It’s okay to ask your kids once in a while what they want to eat. But it usually it takes longer when they start debating if they want grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly. So if it suits you, make a weekly routine or have a fixed  kids special day once a week. Let your kids know that too, so that they can look forward to it.  That way you save some extra time convincing your kids to eat their vegetables everyday.
There is no laundry fairy except you. Set up your laundry baskets and do a sorting system. Separate the whites, from the colors and ask your kids to do that in their room. You can tell your kids that clothes such as jeans and sleepwear can be worn more than once before they need to be washed. Let your kids help too!
Plan for leftovers. Do not worry if there is some leftovers in your fridge. You will be surprised to see how many ways there are to make a brand new dish just out of left overs.
And last but not least, be a little tech savvy. Know your gadgets and know your computer. But most importantly know great blogs and websites that have tons of  knowledge for you!