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Keep Those Eyes Bright!

You can get bright, beautiful eyes by following these easy 8 steps.
1. Use moisturizer around the eyes everyday, at least once in the morning and once at night. Choose a product with the right formula and preferably has Vitamin E. Try to look at the ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to any of its contents. Use a product with anti-aging and skin firming ingredients.
2. To avoid getting wrinkles around your eyes, look for a product which contains Retinol which helps boosts collagen and smoothens the wrinkles away, Retinol is applied topically around the eyes and wait for results after several weeks.
3. To exfoliate dead skin around the eyes and to have fresh radiant skin underneath, look for a product which contains alpha-hydroxyl acid.
4. One which gets in the way of having bright-eyes is dark circles. Some people say it is a sign of sleep deprivation, but that actually is not true. Sleep deprivation does not cause dark circles but when you do not get enough sleep that gives you pale looking skin and this emphasizes the dark circles which you already have. For temporary treatment of dark circles, you may apply cold compress or cucumber on the eyes which will help restrict blood vessels and help reduce the appearance of having dark circles. But the ultimate solution for dark circles is the use of eye cream with Vitamin K and licorice extract.
5. If you want bright eyes, you may use concealer which is light reflecting. Do not paint the concealer all the way around the eyes. Stay away from matte concealers.
6. Curl your eyelashes and add mascara after.
7. Use eyeliner to emphasize your upper and lower eyelid. Choose a light shade on the bottom eyelid, light gray, blue, green, soft brown, pink or gold. Do not use black or it your eyes will look like you want to be a vampire.
8. You do not need to use glitter just to get the radiant effect of your eyes. Use a shimmery shadow on the lower lid. A highlighting treat is an additional tip to get that subtle glow and would make your eyes look bright and wide awake.