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Why is Crystal the Perfect Birthday Gift?

perfect birthday gift

It is the one time of the year that we scratch our heads, wondering what we can buy as a Perfect Birthday Gift for the special person in their life to mark their birthday.

When it comes to a special birthday, it can be even more challenging to find a present that shows thought and love.

Anything that glitters can be a great choice, something that shows a depth of thought – and that is exactly what you get with crystal.

What Is Crystal?


Crystal is solid and incredibly strong. They have a repeating molecular structure, contributing to making it look strange and interesting. The way crystal is formed is beautiful in itself – as the molecules grow, they are simply allowed to fall into place.

There is another type of crystal and probably the one more in the price range of most people – crystal is a term used to describe glass that is so exquisitely transparent, that it has a high refractive state. In other words, it glows, shimmers and shines unlike ‘ordinary’ glass.

This is the crystal you see in decadent chandeliers that catch the light beautifully, casting rainbow colours all about the space in which it hangs. Waterford Crystal, once produced in Ireland, is also a beautiful, high-quality and highly polished cut glass product.

Crystal makes the ideal birthday gift and here’s why…

Crystal Is The Perfect Birthday Gift For Everyone

No matter what age or gender, there is a crystal product that is simply perfect. From small delicate pieces of jewellery to glittering lamps and delightful sculptures and ornaments, there is a crystal product that shows your loved that they are loved and revered.

Crystal Is Stylish

If you have visions of large, heavy crystal vases that Grandma loved and assume that this is how crystal products still look, you need to take a fresh look at what is on offer.

There are some delightful pieces, especially those that are handmade and blown by artisan crafts people in workshops all over Europe. For a unique piece, you will be far less than you think.

Add Depth With Colour

Crystals are not just transparent glass but something extra special. Coloured crystals add depth and drama to a room, such as the exquisite coloured sculptures that Waterford and designer John Rocha have teamed up to create.

Dark, moody black with a dash of silver is a great combination, a modern take on the look and feel of crystal. Again, these are highly sought after pieces and show that special someone, you really do care.

Traditional Or Modern Crystal?

Traditional or strikingly modern – what is your style? More importantly, what is the style of the person who is receiving the gift of crystal?

From elegant art deco inspired pieces, to the delight of a traditional design with a modern twist, there is something for everybody.

It Gets Better With Age!

Receiving a gift that is heartfelt, with deep meaning and love attached is priceless, irrespective of the price tag. It may have been bought for a few pounds or it could be a significant investment, its true worth comes from the delight of the person receiving it – and your warm glow when you realise how much they love and covet the crystal piece.

However, let’s be honest – if you had chance to buy something that did have some financial value to it, you would probably leap at the chance. Some of the individual pieces not only retain their value over the years, but grow in value too.

Crystal is a gift that keeps on giving. It is perfect for everyone, no matter what age or gender. You can choose from pieces with a traditional flavour or have the cutting edge of minimalist design. Why not make crystal the next gift you buy for a loved one? Visit First Ireland today.