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Healthy Options For Afternoon Snacks

Lunchtime is over and it’s back to your desk for a productive afternoon, but many people can find themselves fighting the urge to take a nap in the post dinner energy slump.

Perhaps that coffee just isn’t working the way it used to? But before you reach for those all too easy to grab carb or sugar laden snacks from the vending machine for a mid-afternoon energy boost stop, don’t do it.


Don’t Ditch The Snacks

Although snacking, or eating small amounts and often has been proven to be a beneficial part of a healthy diet what you consume at these times really does matter. Snacks should in fact make up about 20% of our daily calorie intake but sugar laden snacks are full of empty calories which are not good for you when eaten in larger quantities. Whilst these snacks and those loaded with carbs and fat, such as crisps, might give us a quick boost they can also cause an energy slump.

So snacks are still a good idea for that mid-afternoon energy boost, don’t ditch them just try making a few swaps for healthier alternatives. Protein, as well as natural alternatives like fruit are your friends when it comes to snacking as both protein and fibre can make help you to feel fuller for longer and are full of slow release energy.

Stuck For Snack Ideas? Try These Alternatives

  1. Swap that sugar laden cereal bar for apple slices and some peanut butter. Apple is high in fibre, full of vitamins and natural sugars which take longer to metabolize and pairs well with the slightly salty protein rich peanut butter to give you a much better longer lasting energy boost.
  2. If you enjoy a snack with a bit of crunch, consider swapping those deep fried fat laden crisps for fruit crisps. This healthier alternative is baked and not fried, full of all those natural sugars and packed with plenty of fibre for a great fill you up feeling.
  3. If you have a really sweet tooth with a fondness for cake then finding an alternative can be tricky. Try swapping for a bowl of protein rich natural yoghurt and fresh berries. The perfect combination of natural sugars, protein and plenty of great vitamins. And if you need to make it a little sweeter then why not add a drizzle of natural honey for that perfect sweet touch.
  4. Chocolate is amazing and can certainly hit the spot for a short while when you are feeling sluggish but it is full of sugar. Why not swap your afternoon chocolate fix for a healthy fruit smoothie with a hint of cocoa in it for that chocolate fix you have been craving.
  5. Dried fruits and nuts make a great snack alternative. Why not swop biscuits for a handful of juicy raisins and tasty almonds or hazelnuts? If you are feeling really adventurous have a look for a recipe for a raw fruit and nut bar and whizz a batch up as an alternative way to enjoy this healthy snack. There are lots of great ways to add additional flavours to these like natural extracts or even cocoa. They are easy to make and store really well for ages in the fridge…. if you can keep your hands off them!

The key to healthy snacking is variety and of course keeping a selection of fresh fruit close at hand can really help you when it comes to feeling peckish between meals.

Make sure that you have a good selection and don’t stick to the same thing all the time as you are likely to get bored of it and revert back to the vending machines.

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