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Body Type Dresses – How to choose for your body

pear body type

How to choose your Body Type Dresses

Each woman is unique in her body shape and size. Hence, there is no single default dress style that suits every woman.
Different dress styles flatter different body shapes. In order to look your best, you should identify and dress in the right silhouettes for your body shape and choose your Body Type Dress. The aim should be to find clothes that accentuate and draw attention to your best assets while distracting from less desirable traits.
So, how do you know if a dress style is right for you? Here is our guide to identifying your body type and choosing the right dress styles that will look best on you.

The different body types and recommended dress styles for each

The first step to recognizing your body type is to measure yourself around your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. You may like to enlist the help of a friend to get these measurements correct. Once you note down these measurements, compare them using the following guide to decide which body type you possess.

woman body type


Body types are broadly classified into the following four categories
apple body type
If you have an apple-shaped body, your shoulder measurements will be greater than your hip measurement. Compare the different sets of measurements you have noted down and you will see that the upper body is at least 5 per cent greater than the lower body, when you are an apple shape.
Recommended dress styles:
The apple shape has a wide mid-section that isn’t balanced out by the slight measurements in the hip area. So, choose dresses that distract from the upper body. Outfits that emphasize your shoulders and legs are ideal. Necklines that elongate the torso will also look good on this body type.
Dresses with elevated waistlines like the empire waist, and flare out beyond the waistline will camouflage the wide mid-section. Short skirts are another good choice. A-line dresses which gather in the bodice and draw focus towards the slender waistline are also a good option.
Snug dresses that enhance the wider measurements of the upper torso. Fit and flare gowns also create an unbalanced look and should be avoided.
pear body type
The pear body shape is characterized by wide hip measurements and slight upper body measurements. Here the hips measure at least five per cent more than the shoulders and bust.
Recommended dress styles:
The most attractive features of this body type are the upper torso and arms. Hence, it is necessary to accentuate the shoulder area while de-emphasizing the wider lower body to create a balanced overall structure. Even out proportions by showing off arms in strapless dresses. A-line dresses and tops or jackets that hit just above the waist look good on this body shape. Skirts that do not cling but flow away from the waistline will also camouflage wide hips.
Straight and unstructured dresses. These add extra inches to the lower half and can create an unbalanced look.
3.Straight or Banana
banana body type
The straight body type has almost equal measurements for the waist, hips and shoulders. If you compare the different sets of measurements you have noted down, you will see that all of them fall within five per cent of each other when you have a straight body shape.
Recommended dress styles:
The rectangle has similar proportions in both the top and bottom halves of the body. The waistline is not distinctive. Hence, the figure isn’t curvy. Choose dresses that create the illusion of curves to look attractive. The slim waistline is an advantage for this body type. So, define it with distinctive features like a waistband. Another suitable style is layering tops to add more bulk to the upper body. Pair it with dresses where the skirt flares out from the waist to create the illusion of a curvy figure.
Fitted silhouettes and dresses without a distinctive waistline, as they will emphasize the straight nature of this body type.
hourglass body type
With a well-balanced upper and lower body and a well-defined slim waistline, this is considered the ideal body type. The hips and shoulders will be within 5 per cent of each other, while the waistline is at least 25 per cent smaller than either of these measurements.

Recommended dress styles:

Your curves are your biggest asset when you are an hourglass. So, focus on showing them off instead of hiding it. Choose dresses that fit well and highlight your tiny waist with a belt or waistband. Dresses that wrap around the top will also draw attention to your good shape and emphasize your curvy figure to your advantage. Hourglass body types can easily carry off fit and flare dresses.
There is no particular dress style that doesn’t look good on this body type. However, loose-fitting dresses and those with no defined waistline will hide the curves that make this body shape attractive.