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Create that pretty arch in no time!

Do you know what defines your whole look and your eyes? It’s your bashful lids plus the eyebrows. It is important to make sure your brows are neatly shaped to emphasize the look you want to project. Here are some friendly tips in shaping your arches.
Tweezing is okay. Just do that one at a time so it won’t be that painful or you might overpluck leaving a bald spot on your brow. Also make sure you are pulling those hair IN the direction of  its growth/flow, otherwise you may cause your skin to tear.
Base your brow from the alignment of your nostril and the length of your eyes should be the same with the length of your eyebrow. The outer tip should be diminishing slightly and make sure that the thickness is the same along the entire length.
You can use an old toothbrush and brush it gently on your eyebrows before tweezing it into shape.
Try trimming the long hair from your eyebrows with small scissors and avoid plucking your eyebrows from the top because it will flatten out. Do the plucking underneath.
Invest on a good pair of tweezers and try to do the tweezing in front of a good source of light. Proper lighting is needed and use a good mirror. A magnified mirror will also be easier to pluck your brows.
Some experts suggest that the best time to shape and pluck your eyebrows is the week after you have had your period because your body will be least sensitive when removing hair.

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