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Try Some Unusual Energy Boosters

Drinking your favorite energy drink is not the best solution for relieving stress. Try these natural ways of getting your body up on the go. Do it the free, easy and right way!
Wear something bright. It can either be a new dress, new pair of shoes or a bright yellow nail polish. This will make your day dazzling and brilliant. Recent studies show that people who surrounded themselves with colorful surroundings at work were more upbeat and are always inspired to work rather than being surrounded with dull colors in the office.
Take deeper breaths and pat yourself at the back. You need more oxygen, it will help relax muscles in your chest. Try to stand with feet apart and your arms at the side. Swing your left arm across your body, twist your torso and head to the right. Tap your right shoulder, allowing your right arm to swing out behind you. Then switch sides, twisting torso and head left, and swing your right arm across your body to tap your left shoulder. Repeat a few times, going back and forth in a fluid motion for 3 minutes.
Turn on a lamp. Seeing light or getting exposed to it sends messages to the brain and keep you awake. Studies show that exposure to bright lights between noon and 4:00 P.m. significantly reduces stress, fatigue and sleepiness. Switch and turn on the lights or if you have lamps on your desk. Wake up and let the sunshine in!
Go for a date more often. Keep the hormones happy. It willstimulate the brain and boost your blood keeping you happy and energetic.
Take a five minute walk. Researchers have found that people who walk at least five minutes everyday are energetic the entire day. Roam around the office. Go down and buy a cup of coffee. Don’t just lounge on your chair the whole day. Brisk walking is all you need to prep you up.

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