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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Parents all over the country dread one time of the day more than any other- bedtime. One of the most difficult parts of getting your child ready for bed is brushing their teeth. Luckily there are many fun ways to get your child excited about brushing their teeth, to ensure they are in the best oral health. Here are 5 fun ways to get your child to brush their teeth.

Musical Toothbrush

Children love musical toothbrushes, which play a song while they brush their teeth. They come in a variety of colours and characters with many song options for their enjoyment. Once your child begins brushing, the song will play and will continue to play for one to two minutes, which will give your child a better understanding of how long they should brush, as well as a clear time of when teeth are actually clean. Hopefully the musical toothbrush will make bedtime a much more exciting time. Also, this can help in the mornings to get your child excited about morning brushing.


You may consider offering your child an incentive to brushing their teeth. For example, for every night that they brush their teeth without hassle, you will offer them a pound. At the end of the week, with steady brushing you will be out seven pounds, but you will save a lot of headache.


If you have more than one child, bedtime may be especially frustrating. Luckily with more children, there is the opportunity for a competition. Offer your children the opportunity to “win” by getting to bed first. Also, see who can brush the longest! This will make sure their teeth are extra clean by targeting their natural competitive tendencies.

Character Brushes

Toothbrushes can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some toothbrushes even offer characters from children’s favourite movie. If your child is a cartoon fan or has a character they absolutely love, character brushes may help you get your child to brush more often. They will be excited to “spend time” with their favourite character friend.

Flavourful Toothpaste

Once you have a brush that works well for your child, you should consider flavourful toothpaste. From bubblegum to cherry and everything in between, kids love delicious tasting toothpaste. Make sure to teach proper portions, just a pea size for most children, as kids tend to overuse flavourful toothpaste.

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth, whatever the means is an excellent way to ensure that they are in the very best dental health and keep their mouths free of cavities and gum disease

Author: Becky Mackay

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