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Its a paradox: What women feel inside doesn't always reflect on the outside world

Its a paradox: What women feel inside doesn't always reflect on the outside world

[dropcap type=”2″]w[/dropcap]omen in general are considered to be of extremely sensitive and emotional nature. Although some studies claim that men are equally emotional and they just do not show it, there still remains a certain level of enigma that sets women apart from men. Of many characteristics that make a woman different, an important one arises from how well she evaluates herself. Knowing oneself is said to be one of the major steps to happiness and success.

However, recent studies show that women are more likely to doubt their abilities in achieving something than men. In this modern age, the average urban woman is not less successful than man. Several woman entrepreneurs have been highly successful in business. Several other women have been successful as painters, authors, actors, sculptors, and in other artistic ventures. In addition, women have been known to be better at juggling work and taking care of a household than men. Yet, there is a place in a woman’s mind that keeps nagging her by doubting her decisions. It is seen from studies that women and men follow the same career path from the very beginning.

In the corporate world, where success is usually defined by how easily one climbs up the corporate ladder, women are seen to be equally keen to be on top and be the part of an executive team as men are. However, many women doubt their decision of making that move that results in a big promotion, higher responsibilities, and the use of an exhaustive skill set. This uncertainty is not because they lack skills, but because they “think” they lack skills. One such example involved a research team from Cranfield University that interviewed some of the top women executives. They received responses that indicated women in the senior level were not sure about taking up the job and were in constant doubt about achieving that level.

Interestingly, studies also reveal that although more often than not women suffer from low self esteem, it does not actually interfere with their jobs. This is the reason why women’s inner feelings and the output that comes from their work results is an interesting paradox. Another team of American psychologists stress this point by mentioning that women, who think they have not done well in a task, are less likely to venture into the same task again, even though the results of the task carried out the first time were more than brilliant. This is because even when they do very well, they constantly think that they have not done well. They often suffer from a self-built guilt of being an underperformer, while the reality is different. As a result, they feel that they have achieved their goals by cheating, even though they are highly competent for the said task.

Low self esteem can often lead to several issues, including personality disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, and depression. Although men who according to the studies possess higher self esteem compared to women are not always happy. A high level of self esteem can also cause serious challenges in a person’s life. Men are found to engage more in immoral, unsocial, and unethical practices, the root cause of which may be over confidence. As a result failure may strike harder to a man than to a woman, the reason being that when a man prepares for a task, he is sure of his skills that may help him achieve his target, and hence, a failure acts as a major blow to his ego and self knowledge.

On the other hand, women prepare for a task with the knowledge that she might not be good enough for it, and hence, when failure strikes, she accepts it to be the result of her lack of skills, which, more often than not, is not the real reason behind her failure. Either way, her happiness related to her own self is often shadowed and introspection does no good.

Author: Amanda Kidd

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