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5 Easy Ways To Spoil Your Man

5 Easy Ways To Spoil Your Man

It’s easy, when in a long-term relationship, to get distracted with the mundane tasks of everyday life that sometimes we can neglect and take for granted the most important person in our lives, our men.
And while we girlfriends, fiances, and wives need a little TLC every now and then, our men usually need it just as much as we do, but may not be so vocal about it.
So what are some ways you can treat your man on any given day? Simple, here are 5 ways to spoil and surprise your man with thoughtful gestures that are sure to put a smile on his face, and a kiss on your lips.

Do Something He Hates

I don’t mean something annoying that drives him nuts, I mean an everyday task that he isn’t too fond of. Why not do one of his ‘man chores’ like taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, washing the car, doing the grocery shopping, or even cleaning his sports uniform.
It’s a simple task that doesn’t take too long but will mean a lot to him, allow him to relax, and think about just how amazing you really are.
And who knows, maybe he will repay you later on that night.

Arrange A Dude Night In

That’s right, it’s not just us ladies who like to host a night in for our friends, men like it too, only they won’t be doing each others nails.
All you have to do is invite his buddies over, cook up some tasty snacks, sit a case of beer in front of them, and leave them to their sports, trash talking, and belching.
It may not sound like an ideal night to us ladies, but he will appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating a night just for the guys.

An Unexpected Rub Down

Sometimes it is the littlest things that we do for our partners that go the furthest to show them how much we love them.
If your man comes home from a long day at work and seems a little tense, why not help him relax by giving him a nice, firm, shoulder rub or back massage?
Just grab some moisturizer, take off his shirt, make him lie down, and massage out the knots that have surely built up over weeks of work-fueled stress.
And if you really want to blow his mind, have a cold beer waiting for him after your massage is over so he can really unwind. You never know, he may just return the favour.

Surprise Him With His Favourite Activity

Whether he loves to golf, fish, hunt, throw a football, hit some balls, hike, or watch his favourite sport live, pick a day that is dedicated to doing the things HE loves to do.
Book in a tee time, buy him a new fishing lure, find an open field to throw a ball or a frisbee, source out a new hiking trail, or buy 2 tickets to his favourite team and join in on the fun with him.
He will love that you are taking an active interest in the activities he loves and will appreciate you dedicating a day to him.

Seduce Him

You know it had to make the list. I mean, if there is one thing we all know our men like, it’s when we surprise them with a spontaneous toe-curling, headboard-knocking bedroom session.
But instead of just getting straight to the good stuff, make him wait for it, want it, and work for it. Start by wearing his favourite lingerie, or better yet, nothing at all. Then get him worked up by teasing him until he is ready to explode.
Make the night about him and pleasing just him. It is a sure-fire way to knock his socks off, make him appreciate you, and reassure him that you love him and want to make him feel good.
No matter what you decide to do, if you can surprise your partner with a day that is dedicated to him you will reap the benefits of a happy, appreciative, and pampered man.
Who knows, maybe you will inspire him to treat you to a day that is all about you! Ahhhh a girl can dream, can’t she?
Author: Vanessa is a lifestyle blogging babe whose work can be found on websites all around cyberland, including a review on Wartamine, as well as various other lifestyle brands. The best part about her job? She gets to help her readers live their best lives.

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