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10 Decorating tips for the kitchen

10 Decorating tips for the kitchen

It is time to revamp your kitchen, give it a new look and make it a stylish and useful room. This article will give you an insight into ten tips for making your kitchen not just another room in the house, but a standout fashion stylish room that will make cooking a dream. Steer clear of the boring, chase the retro styles and make your kitchen a room to remember.

  1. Stainless styles

    Stainless steel is by far the most influential force in modern kitchens at the moment, but it need not be expensive. You can redecorate your kitchen cost effectively by using Liquid stainless steel paint or self adhesive stainless steel tiles. This will give your kitchen a modern look at a budget price.

  2. Artwork

    Art work is a great way to give any room a touch of style. By adding a large and stylish painting to your kitchen you can ditch the drab and empty space of the walls and highlight the feature hanging on the wall. Be sure to choose something stylish and not overbearing, otherwise you risk a style disaster.

  3. Retro appliances

    Retro appliances are definitely in and here to stay, with most companies now following the trend and producing great products. Red or brown retro style appliances can take an empty looking space and make it a feature that will highlight the quality of the kitchen itself.

  4. Cabinets

    So your kitchen cabinets are outdated? Well there is a way to make your kitchen cabinets add to the feel of the room without busting the budget. A quick coat of paint or adding some wallpaper to the front cabinets will give your room a much needed makeover without busting the bank.

  5. Cool containers

    The containers we sit on the kitchen bench are not just there for purpose, they can also be used to add a sense of style to the room. Choosing hip and modern looking containers to hold your coffee, tea, sugar and pasta, can add a hip look to your kitchen without spending your life savings.

  6. Color is everything

    As with any room in the house, color is everything. Warm and subtle colors emanate style and glamour without giving the room a cold and impersonal feel to it. The kitchen is not just another room in the house and a lot of time will be spent in this room, so why not make it a warm and friendly room that oozes style.

  7. Lighting

    Lighting is the easiest way to make a room feel cold and boring, or give it ambience and style. Try installing down lights in the kitchen that can highlight the areas being used whilst leaving the rest of room in darkness. This will give it ambience, style and practicality.

  8. The breakfast bar

    The breakfast bar is certainly becoming part of the modern kitchen, with cool bar stools and a large bench space making not only a practical statement but a fashionable one. Large stainless steel stools with bold colored tops will give your kitchen a modern feel and a designer’s edge.

  9. A touch of green

    Looking for a way to make your kitchen feel warm and natural? Then why not add some plant life to the room. Selecting a few herbs in delicate and stylish pots placed above the sink or on a shelf is a great way to add a touch of green to the room. Not only will it add style but it will also serve a purpose, ensuring that every meal you cook has the freshest herbs mixed within its bounds.

  10. Floors that count

    Just because it is the kitchen, doesn’t mean it has to have boring flooring. Flooring needs to be practical but it can still have style and add to the look of the room. Ditch the linoleum and add warm wooded floors or dark marbles tiles to make the most of the room whilst utilizing practicality.

Whatever your budget or desire, kitchen renovation makeovers need not be expensive. Take the time to look around at your options and make your kitchen a stylish and warm room that will have your friends green with envy.
Author: Chris has been blogging about interior design for several years. Chris is a qualified interior designer specialising in French provincial style. Chris enjoys blogging and sharing tips online at

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