October 2012

How to Detoxify your body?

Toxins are fact of life, every day we breathe plenty of toxins into out lungs and bring loads of them home without even knowing with how much toxicity they’ll end up in our bodies. These toxins in your body can make you feel sluggish and may give rise to many aches, infections and pains. If even you are suffering from… Read More »How to Detoxify your body?

How To Fight Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common scars that are often left when the skin overstretches and the dermis layer fibers of the skin get broken. They usually appear after a sudden weight loss or weight gain particularly in the teenage years or during pregnancy. Teenagers experience fast growth spurts, leading to these marks, while additional weight gain is responsible for stretch marks… Read More »How To Fight Stretch Marks

Leather Boots

A Quick Way To Clean Your Leather Shoes

From couches to coats, and my favourite of all, shoes, leather is one of our favourite materials to invest in. The soft, supple feel and that genuine leather scent are just intoxicating. Here’s an awesomely simple DIY trick to help you clean up that mess and even protect your leather for the future!