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How to Detoxify your body?

Toxins are fact of life, every day we breathe plenty of toxins into out lungs and bring loads of them home without even knowing with how much toxicity they’ll end up in our bodies. These toxins in your body can make you feel sluggish and may give rise to many aches, infections and pains. If even you are suffering from such difficulties then probably there is a need for body detoxification.
The practice of detoxification is being performed by many countries around the world for centuries. Even the ancient civilizations knew the importance of detoxification of body to enhance the natural healing process of the body and fill it with nourishing nutrients. Since we are swimming in the sea containing toxins like heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals, there is a great need to fight back and remove them from our system. Detoxification is simply cleaning your blood. Include some actions in your routine to detoxify the body:

  • Take as much green diet as possible, like consume green tea and green vegetables. Green tea helps in cleansing liver, as it contains the special antioxidant known as catechins. Pack your refrigerator with green leaves, spinach, wheat grass and organic leafy vegetables as these will increase the chlorophyll content of the body.
  • Exclude all the toxic materials from your diet like saturated fats, coffee, refined sugar, alcohols and cigarettes.
  • To detoxify practicing hydrotherapy is the most natural way. Take a hot water bath for a couple of minutes followed by a cold water bath for the same time. Then move into the warm environment for half an hour.
  • The very first step towards detoxifying your body is to washing the body everyday with a good Bath soap or Anti bacterial soap this will help in removal of toxins producing germs from the body. These germs can cause nasty infections to your skin.
  • Go for detoxification programs once in every three months. And after the completion of this program continue drinking at lease two quarters of water every day. This will naturally remove all the toxic chemicals from liver with urination and sweating.
  • Go for any heavy work activity like exercise, running or yoga for sometime in the morning. There are exercises specially meant for eliminating toxins from the body. The more you sweat the more you detoxify your body.
  • Eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C and foods that re rich in fiber content. Eat lemons, oranges and all citrus fruits, broccoli sprouts, nuts seeds, beans, raw vegetables. Taking Vitamin C supplements increase the production of glutathione, a liver compound that help in removing away toxins.

What kinds of detoxifying programs can you follow?

There are many detox recipes depending upon the needs of individuals. Popular detoxifying programs are:

  • Fasting on liquid for three to four days which allows drinking of only fresh fruit and vegetable juice and water.
  • A routine of drinking only water one day a week. Not even fruit juices are allowed in this regimen.
  • Special spa treatments are also followed to detoxify your body.

Author: Anna Smith is an expert writer on Skin and body detoxification. She is writing on these topics since last 5 years

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