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Cocktail Dresses for all Occasions

Cocktail Dress
If you get the ideal cocktail dress for your figure it will make you feel comfortable and you will look attractive to anyone who you come across. As there are no rules that have been set when it comes to selecting cocktail dresses, finding the appropriate dress will not be hard if you follow a few simple guidelines:
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  1. You would have to accept and be realistic about your body first and buy one that will flatter your figure. It should be the one that you feel comfortable wearing and will not be a bother causing an uneasy feeling when attending the different occasion or spending a night out.
  2. Select one of many specialized shops once you have decided what kind of a dress you would like to purchase. Begin by browsing for the right store starting with the well-known stores before venturing to boutiques which have more unique and elegant choices that are on the higher side when it comes to cost. Remember, you do not have to spend a fortune to look good.
  3. Go for fabrics that are appropriate for any season. Choose materials like silk, linen and cotton. Avoid cocktail dresses that are made of materials that wrinkle easily as they will not look very nice and will make you nervous since you will be checking if everything is ok every five minutes.
  4. The hemlines of the cocktail dresses are always changing. No matter the fads that are out there you need to be comfortable wearing the dress. Go for lengths that flatter you that are either slightly above the knee or below. Anything longer will not be as flattering.
  5. The dress you buy will also be determined by the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Ensure that you tell this to the salesperson so that she can guide you appropriately.
  6. Cocktail dresses that are brightly colored are very popular and they can be very elegant and classy, however, in most cases they can not be worn on that many occasions due to the fact that once they’re worn people remember it. It is not the case with black. The best is to choose basic colors (usually black) and spice it up with accessories. People will never know that that is the dress you have worn before as it doesn’t stand out like the brightly colored ones.
  7. Choose flexible designs. This way you can either dress it down or up depending on accessories and footwear. A sleeveless or short sleeved cocktail dress will be ideal to wear all year round. This is because it can be worn with a wrap, jacket or even a sweater (be careful with fabrics) when it is cold.
  8. Consider the occasion too. This will help in the selection as it will set the atmosphere by deciding how formal the dress will be.
  9. If you are a plus size woman go for plus size cocktail dresses with the right fit and cut. They will flatter your curves without drawing the attention to other parts of your body.
  10. Do not be a fashion slave and stick to what makes you feel good. That is the only way you can look good. So, finding a perfect dress is not that difficult. Listen to your inner voice, think of these little tips and you’ll be ready for your next event.

Author: Sashka is a fashion lover and a part time blogger. She writes about decorating, lifestyle, fashion trends and this article was inspired by some great tips and ideas for choosing the best formal dress.

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