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How to Dress on New Year's Eve

Long Dress
A special moment when people gather with their loved ones to celebrate the end of a long year and the beginning of a new one is the New Year’s Eve. Regardless of how you celebrate, get a nice outfit to welcome the New Year in style.
Be bold and in a celebration mood; it is not just like any ordinary day. Take this holiday as a perfect opportunity to wear that nice top you always loved or that sequined embroidered dress you bought at your favorite store. You can also liven up your New Year celebration party with sparkle and shimmer in your makeup, so as to look amazing for that late night kiss.

Tips on How to Dress on New Year’s Eve

Welcome the New Year with sparkling make up. However, these products should be applied before dressing to avoid staining the dress. Opt for a makeup that would render a more dramatic look than those you normally wear. Choose smokey eyes with a berry, dark red or shimmer lip color. Apply your make up carefully so that it can last all night long ;-). Moreover, remember to pack concealer and lipstick for touch ups later in the night.
When it comes the outfit, rather than wearing the normal daily wear, dress up nicely as if you are going to an exceptional dinner or wear a gorgeous top with jeans; even if it’s only you and a few friends sitting at the table. When you are going to a party, confirm from your invitation if its formal; if that’s the case, then a formal cocktail dress can do. The location where the New Year’s celebration would be held can also determine what to wear. For some occasions, even party costumes are a great choice.
Wear a light dress if you will be indoors but don’t forget to carry a cover-up. When you are going to a party, heat would probably be on. Moreover, there are chances of some people at the party generating body heat. You can wear more clothes to layer your look. A cover-up such as a shawl, faux fur stole or a blazer can offer additional warmth when it’s chilly.
Wear multiple layers for outdoor parties. There are chances of a chilly night even with the presence of many people. With layers, you can take them off when it’s too hot and put them back on when it’s too cold. Wear long sleeves and pants along with scarves, gloves and hats to offer you enough warmth in cold weather.
Avoid wearing brand new shoes. Since New Year’s Eve signifies new things, you don’t wish to start it off by being in pain and miserable due to blisters and sore feet. If you have to wear brand new shoes, wear them a few times in advance so that they would be comfortable enough on your feet when the eve of the New Year arrives. If you are going to an outdoor party, wear comfortable shoes, such as boots, to protect your feet from injuries if anyone steps on them. Moreover, they would keep the feet warm and comfortable in the large crowd.
Author: Sashka is a fashion lover and a part time blogger. She writes about decorating, lifestyle, fashion trends. She loves searching for creative party costumes and fashion ideas online.

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