Why is My Hair Unmanageable?: How to Fix Your Dry and Damaged Hair in Less Than a Week!

Tired of the horror of having unmanageable hair? Maybe it’s time for you to fix your dry and damaged hair and find solutions to that nightmarish situation. Your hair is one of your assets, fix your dry and damaged hair. For most women out there, they value their own hair as much as their faces. Buying several hair products, going to hair salons, and watching YouTube tutorials in hopes of having a healthy and smooth hair?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a manageable hair all day, all week, or maybe forever? Every ladies out there would want that. Say goodbye to your tangled unmanageable hair and hello to a much healthy one.

Here’s a list of remedies you could try at home while on quarantine that could fix your dry and damaged hair in less than a week!

The 5 Remedies to Fix Your Dry and Damaged Hair

  • Olive Oil
fix your dry and damaged hair

You can most probably find olive oil in your kitchen. Olive oil has been first known as a great moisturizer for the skin but after that, shampoo brands have discovered that olive oil is also a wonder when applied to hair. So the next time you buy shampoo check if there’s olive oil in it. If you find olive oil in your kitchen you can massage through your hair with about 1/4 cup or more depending on your hair volume. Olive oil is also proven to reduce scalp irritation treating dandruff as a result.

When you color your hair and it ended up as a dry mess, olive oil can come in handy as it treats split ends and shines your hair. Olive oil contains vitamin E that strengthens your hair and reducing hair fall and is the solution to fix your dry and damaged hair.

  • Avocado
fix your dry and damaged hair

Sure, avocado is a fruit that has a lot of health benefits. Just eat one and it’ll do its wonders inside your body but avocados are not only being eaten nowadays. It has been discovered that the vitamins it contains are also good for moisturizing hair if you want to fix your dry and damaged hair especially its essential fatty acids.

Phytosterols in avocados when being absorbed in your scalp promote hair growth and strengthens the roots of your hair. Its vitamin E also helps protect hair from being dry. Just mash some and apply on hair then rinse after 15 minutes.

  • Tea
fix your dry and damaged hair

We occasionally drink tea in our home and it’s no secret that it mostly soothes our mind but our mind is not the only part of our body that tea can soothe. If being rinsed on hair, tea act as a soothing agent to the scalp. A healthy scalp results to a healthy growing hair, making it more manageable. Tea can also remove dead skin cells that block hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

You can grab a leftover or a new brewed tea on your kitchen and rinse your hair with it to fix your dry and damaged hair. Make sure your scalp is fully rinsed as your scalp is where its the most effective.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
fix your dry and damaged hair

Apple cider vinegar is mostly used as a health food and commonly used as an aid for weight loss as it helps lower cholesterol but this naturally fermented vinegar can also help you achieve healthy hair. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that helps balance the high pH scale of frizzy hair as a result, ACV helps bring back your healthy hair.

You can grab a bottle of ACV that has been sitting on your storage and rinse you hair to fix your dry and damaged hair with it gently. This could also act as an antibacterial that could heal infections on your scalp and helps you with dandruff problems.

  • Coconut Oil
fix your dry and damaged hair

Coconut oil helps guard your hair against the damage of the heat brings. It can also help with hair breakage as it moisturizes, smoothens the hair to fix your dry and damaged hair, slows down hair loss, and also stimulates hair growth as it promotes the health of the scalp. Coconut oil also help keep your scalp from the damage of lice and dandruff.

You need to warm the coconut oil a bit, apply onto hair and scalp evenly, comb you hair until its manageable, and leave it overnight then you are free to wash your hair with shampoo in the morning without worrying from another bad hair day.