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What Is Allantoin Used In Skin Care?

What Is Allantoin Used In Skin Care?

What Is Allantoin in Skin Care Products?

In skincare products, Allantoin is a common ingredient. This antioxidant helps your skin retain moisture and its moisturizing properties help your body slough off dead cells. Traditionally, it was obtained from Comfrey plants but today it is mostly synthesized in laboratories. Allantoin works as an emollient in skincare products.

It is a natural substance found in animal urine and can be extracted from certain plants. It is used in skincare products because of its ability to moisturize the skin while clearing away dead cells.

It is also useful for people with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. The ingredient is often marketed as being great for dry, irritated skin. Allantoin does improve skin cell turnover. It also helps improve the complexion by brightening the skin’s tone.

It’s also beneficial for reducing acne as well as preventing the development of new ones. Despite its popularity, Allantoin is still a controversial ingredient in skincare, it’s safe and non-toxic.

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