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The Best TV Shows for the Smart Woman

When it comes to television, it can be difficult to find a show that you can relate to without losing brain cells. You’re a smart woman, why would you waste what little time you have between work and Pilates, zoning out on glamorized teen pregnancies? Watching the tube doesn’t have to be a mindless activity; find the right programs and you can turn your nightly fix into something beneficial

Test Your Wits

Spend an hour playing the guessing game with “Law and Order: SVU”. Try to figure out the culprit before Detective Benson and Stabler to work on your problem solving skills. Take a drink of your vintage Moscato every time someone hits on Benson and you will have a great night in no time.
Learn some useless information to surprise your friends with by getting your daily dose of “Jeopardy!” As far as trivia shows go, this one is fairly simple to follow. It is far more beneficial for you to spend an evening learning that cats spend 66 percent of their lives sleeping, than to watch obnoxious teens get drunk on the beach.
Impress a new acquaintance at a party when you tell them that the color red does not in fact make bulls angry. They are impartial to not only red, but blue white and green cloaks as well. Matadors use aggressive movement to provoke the bulls to attack. According to “MythBusters” the color is irrelevant

Reality Check

Too often, women become depressed because they religiously tune in to shows that depict beautiful, perfect women in an idealized world where everything is perfect and awesome. You’re a smart woman; you know that this is not accurate. “Girls” on HBO is a fantastic escape from the typical “chick show”. Bad sex, ugly shoes and crappy jobs are fascinating and will serve as a reminder to how great your life really is.
Considering taking a match to your apartment because you just do not want to spend another minute of your life vacuuming? Turn on “Hoarders” on Discovery Channel for an hour and come to the realization that your house really isn’t that bad.

Fantasy for Adults

Turning books into movies; not so good. Turning books into an epic television series; a weekly guilty pleasure. “Game of Thrones” is an intense, sexually explicit, on the edge of your seat HBO series based on George R.R Martins, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Full of established actors and twisting plot lines, this is a show that you have to pay attention to. Forget “Teen Mom”. “Game of Thrones” will keep you thinking long after the closing credits have faded from the screen.

With the recent obsession with vampires, finding a worthy show to satiate your craving for blood can be overwhelming with all the kitschy teen programs out there. Think of “True Blood” on HBO as an adult version of the popular craze. Grab a glass of wine and swoon over Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton. Pick up some great self-defense moves from southern belle Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin. If you love Law and Order: SVU because of drool-worthy Christopher Meloni as Detective Stabler, you get a double bonus as he is up to play Roman; an ancient vampire on the new season of TB.
It is easy to simply zone out in front of the screen at the end of your day, but why not make your TV time into a worthwhile experience? Learn something new; dedicate yourself to a juicy plotline, and actually enjoy yourself. Check your local guides to see when these great programs are airing in your area.
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