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The Art of Cleaning Your Closet: Tips & Tricks

The Art of Cleaning Your Closet: Tips & Tricks

One of the most significant yet most overlooked chores in the house is cleaning your closet. The need to clean your wardrobe springs when you realize that you don’t have anything to wear despite your pile of clothes!

So, to make sure that everything inside your closet is pieces that you love and use, here are the eight expert tips and tricks that will help you to tidy up your closet finally:

The 8 Art of Cleaning your Closet

1.    Determine what pieces to save

cleaning your closet

If someone asks if you’re wearing all the clothes in your closet, you will probably say yes without hesitation. But as time goes by, you notice that your wardrobe is still full of clothes that you haven’t worn for a while, and only half of them are essential pieces that you use regularly so better do cleaning your closet.

Follow the steps to determine what pieces to save and what clothes to get rid of to do cleaning your closet:

· Flip all the hangers so that the hook is facing the back of the wardrobe.

· Flip the rod to its normal position each time you take out a cloth to wear.

· After a year, check the clothing that is still in a backward position. Ditch all those clothes.

This trick may take a while, but it’s one of the surefire methods that will help you determine the casual clothes to do cleaning your closet that is piling inside your closet.

2.    Only keep clothes that bring you joy

cleaning your closet

If you need to clean your closet the soonest, you can try this method. Take out all your clothes from your closet and then one by one, ask yourself if this particular shirt you wore during your first date still brings you joy. Sometimes, the emotional attachment or history of a cloth is the reason why it keeps on piling up in your closet.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t feel guilty for throwing it away. Cleaning your closet is unexpectedly an emotional task. If it makes you feel better, you can donate your clothes to charity so other people can still make use of it.

3.    Sell your clothes

cleaning your closet

Do you need a few extra dollars for this month’s bills? Try selling your clothes. If you’re having a hard time letting go of your clothes, then change your mindset into selling clothes that you no longer use. You will be surprised by how many clothes you’re willing to surrender if you can make some cash out of it. You can visit the nearest consignment store in your area or create an online shop for your used clothes to do cleaning your closet. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to sell used clothes.

4.    Only keep the basics

cleaning your closet

The only items that should be still hanging in your closet are the basics. It includes shirts, jeans, button-downs, dresses, plain sweaters, and leggings as one way to do cleaning your closet.

Some clothes are only trendy for a season and then go away after their popularity fades. These are the pieces that you should take out, as you can no longer use it for your day-to-day affairs.

If you are living in a place with cold temperatures, you can keep a faux leather jacket and a warm coat then determine which other pieces to throw away.

It goes the same for your footwear even if it has a longer shelf life compared to your clothes. There are classic shoes that never go out of style, such as black pumps. Trendy shoes such as satin platforms with vibrant colors seldom make it through different seasons, so consider tossing it away as one way to do cleaning your closet.

5.    Keep an inventory of clothes

cleaning your closet

When you purge your clothes, keep a list. Clothes that you have worn three times in a year no longer deserve a spot in your closet.

Count your number of jeans. You should not tolerate duplication if it adds to the pile of clothes in your closet. If you have five pairs of jeans, it’s safe to get rid of at least two of them. The same goes for your white button-down shirts. If there are already six of them and you only use your two favorites, then get rid of the remaining four.

There are unique clothes for cleaning your closets such as cocktail dresses that you only wear on special events like weddings, parties, or any significant occasion that you need to throw away or sell. If you must, treat yourself with a new dress if you’re planning to attend an event soon instead of wearing the same dress twice.

6.    Set some rules

cleaning your closet

Setting rules for what goes back inside your closet can help you to organize it well. Here are the following standards to keep in mind when determining if it still worth keeping:

· That piece hasn’t been worn for a year

· It has holes that are beyond repair

· It has a worn-out elastic that defeats the purpose of comfort

· It no longer fits your current style

· It has stains that are impossible to remove

· It no longer fits you properly

7.    Clean your closet

cleaning your closet

Now that everything’s out of your closet to take it as an advantage to finally clean it up. Wipe down the shelves, wash the hangers, and check for some rusting. Keeping your closet clean and in good condition allows you to stretch the lifespan of your clothes.

You can also air out your closet to get rid of the moisture that can cause irreparable damage to your favorite clothes. Make sure that it’s dust-free before putting your clothes.

8.    Sort out all the discarded clothes

cleaning your closet

After cleaning your closet, you will be surprised to face a big bag full of discarded clothes. Now, you have to sort it out again.

Determining which clothes to reuse, to throw away, and to sell will complete your closet-cleaning journey. Sorting out will help you to identify how to discard those clothes before you are tempted to put it back in your closet.


Cleaning your closet can be mentally challenging. Clothes indeed play a big part in our lives. Some of our best memories can be remembered with what clothes we wore that day.

However, facing a cluttered closet every day can also affect you negatively. Your wardrobe should serve its purpose by keeping what you need for everyday use.

Hence, the art of cleaning your closet relies intensely upon organizing. Knowing how to organize, sort out, and determine clothes that still deserve a space in your wardrobe will allow you to have a smooth cleaning journey. If you're looking for a sign to clean your closet, this is it. Using the methods mentioned above, get up and clean your wardrobe now!