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Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know

We just started out and hoping to get a long way with you guys. We will try our best to bring you information and advice to help you feel better, to know yourself better and everything in between. So lets start with the most important part: knowing better. Here are some facts about men women and their differences that you probably didn’t know.
First off, did you know that women see colors better than men? Their eyes are more color sensitive than that of men and so they react to different light frequencies better.
The instance of a woman inventing a lethal weapon is seen once in a bluemoon—or four. Don’t think that women are not smart enough though. This is just because women are far less aggressive than men.
Women have better intuition than men. Men usually think more logically to make a decision. Women on the other hand, let their great intuitive nature get them to their decision. Men and women may however draw the same decision in a particular scenario, but the way to get there is certainly different.
Women also have very poor sense of direction. This may also be the reason why you mostly get lost in a new place?
Generally, a woman has less sense of mechanics and machines than men. That’s the reason we rarely see a girl fixing a car tire or have a hobby of tinkering. But that does not mean they don’t understand functionalities. Who do you think invented cast metal bearing and circular- saw? It was someone named Tabitha Babbit.
Its best to acknowledge one’s lackings in order to actually improve one self and function accordingly. So lets take whats good and try to improve what goes the other way.

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