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Spread your Christmas cheer with your own personal home decor style

christmas tree decorations

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Each year, the holiday season challenges the creativity of everyone who would like to spread their Christmas cheer with their own personal home decor style. In all cases, the Christmas tree will be the center of attention but other areas of the home, if decorated with care, contribute as well to the overall atmosphere.
The foyer should not be neglected in any way as it is the first room that the guests will get to see when they enter. Even if space is a problem, a small Christmas ornament will surely find it’s place in a foyer. Things get better if a staircase is available as the railing can be decorated with evergreen boughs or wreaths.
Some homeowners like to decorate their house with pictures of paintings but when the holidays get closer, they should be replaced with winter-themed artwork. Holiday table runners go well on a coffee table as well as on mantles or small sofa tables.
For living rooms, Christmas pillows are a great pick to spread the spirit of the holidays. Complemented by candles, the atmosphere in the family room will complete the decor. The ones that like to add a little more spark, chandeliers and ceiling fans can also have a few swags hanging or even beads or ribbons.
The ones that wish to add their personal touch in the kitchen or dining room, plenty of options show up. Christmas decorations can start with plates or even a centerpiece on the dining table goes very well. A common idea is to fill a clear vase with several Christmas light bulbs and ornaments.
As a final touch, last but not least, the bathroom can go through some changes to accommodate the holiday spirit. It is easy to get a few Christmas towels or soaps flavored with cinnamon. Even a small artificial tree filled with small Christmas decorations to bring the seasonal cheer in this utilitarian room.
christmas tree decorations
At the center of this massive home redecoration is the Christmas tree. Some may prefer a traditional Christmas tree with plenty of lights, colorful ornaments, garland and other decorations.
For those who want something more creative and unique may go for a theme tree. In this case, all the lights that will be used as well as the ornaments should be in similar colors. They can be complemented by various items such as bird figurines, nests, toy butterflies or natural decorations such as acorns, pinecones, seashells, dried flowers or real feathers placed on branches. Simple objects can be transformed into ornaments by using cords, wires or a common glue gun.
If space is not a problem, going for a second tree is a great idea. The living room can have a traditional tree while themed one can be placed in another room. Some can go as far as decorating a tree with golf balls for their husband’s special place in the house. The kitchen can host a small tree filled with holiday cookie cutters, small teacups or other tiny objects that have a cheerful color.
There are no limits when it comes to holiday decorations. All it takes is a bit of imagination and the joy of the Christmas spirit. 🙂
Author: Sashka is a part time blogger from Australia. She writes about home improvement, decorating, lifestyle, fashion. This post was inspired by Christmas decorating ideas with candles, ornaments and other decorating accessories.

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