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Simple and Creative Christmas Table Decorations

christmas decorations
Family and friends gathered around your Christmas table, dining and sharing all the excitements of the holiday, is what everybody thinks of when the Christmas holiday begins. It is where most fond memories of conversation and laughter occur, and where people gather to share foods that have been passed down for several generations. Although it is always enjoyable to turn your house into a perfect backdrop for holiday photos, Christmas decorations may quickly become too messy. Therefore, it is important to opt for Christmas table decorations that are simple but pretty.
Here are some Christmas table decoration ideas that would add a festive look to your home.


Candles offer a cheap and simple way to make a centerpiece. Look for white taper candles in crystal candleholders and twist gold ribbons around them to attain an elegant and exceptional look. Thick red pillar candles, decorated with pine cones and evergreen cuttings dipped in glitter, can look very attractive. Light the candles a few minutes before your guests arrive so that you can get extreme glow without letting them burn down so much. Even votive candles could be fun.

Vases and Glass Bowls

Fill glass bowls or vases with bright-colored fruits, like cranberries lemons and limes. Alternatively, you can fill the glass with floating candles, colored pebbles, goldfish or poinsettias (silk or real). Filling a large bowl with multihued Christmas tree ornaments can render a holiday cheer and look to any area of the house. You can buy an assortment of nuts that are still in their shells to get a rustic look.

Holiday Items

Select an item from the Christmas decorations of your house that signifies the theme of the holiday party. For instance, nutcracker dolls can stand out amongst foil-wrapped gifts or a pretty angel can be put on a circular frosted mirror covered with pearlescent glitter and crystal scatter beads. Put ceramic Christmas village pieces on a bright-colored table runner, or gather them on different raised platforms (such as a cake table next to a pie plate) wrapped with an iridescent white fabric.

Festive Fabric

Take your time so that you can choose the right linens for your Christmas tables. Opt for rich and textured fabrics. In order to get a dramatic effect, you can mix and match different colors such as white colored tablecloth and napkins on a gold table runner. You can use a lightly visible white snowflake print fabric for an elegant appearance or a poinsettia print for a whimsical look.

Place Card Holders

Nothing livens up Christmas table decorations better than place card holders. When it comes to choosing the right place card holders, you should opt for holders that reverberate the theme of the party and centerpiece. Put ‘place-cards’ on a glittered pine cone, which stands on each plate. On the other hand, you can also attach pillar candles, with silver or gold ribbons wrapped around them, to each plate. Even a folded paper place-card can liven up the Christmas table if the paper matches the tablecloth print or printing is done on heavy card stock with a complementary color.
Author: Sashka is a part time blogger from Australia. She writes about home improvement, decorating, lifestyle, fashion. She is currently inspired by Christmas gift ideas and holiday decorating.

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