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How to Pamper Yourself In Time For The Christmas Party

Christmas is a great time to celebrate everything that you have achieved throughout the year and there is no better way to do this than through a glamorous Christmas party. However, in order to enjoy the party you have to feel your best, and the only way to achieve this is to pamper yourself in order to feel fresh, relaxed and ready to celebrate! The following tips and tricks will ensure that you’re ready for any Christmas party that you might be attending, and you can be sure that you’ll feel a million dollars at any Christmas celebration.
First up, the maintenance jobs
Even women who religiously shave their bodies can find themselves slacking in this department over the winter season. Whether you decide to wax it off or shave the night before, removing any excess hair will make you feel clean and smooth, instantly revitalising your body.
Second job: exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise
There is no better way to feel refreshed than to remove the layer of dead skin cells from your face and body and instead, exhibit a fresh new layer of glowing skin. If you begin your regime a week before the party, your skin will have plenty of time to reset in time for the event.
Exfoliate only one or twice in the week preceding the party, once at the start of the week and once three days before the event. This will ensure that your dead skin cells are removed in time for the party, whilst also avoiding any unwanted breakouts. However, once you have exfoliated you should cleanse and moisturise your face daily in the run up to the event, whilst also moisturising your body each day at least one week before. This will then give your skin the healthy winter glow that every woman craves.
If this all sounds like something that you simply don’t have time to accomplish the week before your Christmas party, then why not book in for a deep cleansing facial at a salon instead?
Third step, tend to your nails
Once your skin is prepped and in prime condition for the Christmas party, it is time to start taking care of your nails. Whether you choose a bright, festive colour or a subtle, classic design, your nails will compliment your fresh, glowing skin. If you’re not confident painting your own nails, or you’d simply like to take half an hour out of your day to receive some first-class nail care treatment, you might be better off visiting a salon and booking in for a manicure and pedicure.
Fourth step, make your hair shine
Whilst your skin might be soft and glowing, the look won’t be complete if your hair appears dry and unhealthy. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to book into your local hair salon and pay a large sum of money for someone to colour, cut and blow dry your hair. Instead, just pop down to your local cosmetic store and purchase a conditioner that is rich in vitamins and essential oils, such as almond or avocado oil. These ingredients will hydrate your hair and make it appear shiny and glossy in time for the Christmas party.
Finally, dress to impress
Having put all this hard work into your beauty regime, it seems a waste not to dress up in style for the Christmas do. Find something that makes your feel comfortable and confident, and make sure to show off all your hard work. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to splash out on something new — it is Christmas after all!
If you follow the steps above, you will feel primed, pampered and ready to attend your Christmas party in style. Should you require any additional advice regarding the ways in which you can prepare your skin for any event, whether it be a Christmas party, a wedding or a new year celebration, visit the Moon and Stars website for all the information and advice you’ll need.
Author bio: Lucy Vardy is the owner and lead therapist at Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy. She is an expert in skin related issues including acne, hyperpigmentation and dehydrated skin. Lucy takes a holistic approach to skin treatments.