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How to choose the right Breast Implant Sizes

Size Does Matter! Choose Your Breast Implant Size Wisely
Women today are lucky because they have so many choices to pick from and get the desired look. When considering breast enlargement, there are breast implants that come in different sizes, shapes, feel and profiles. All these choices make it possible for them to get the look they desire, the look that is both beautiful as well as natural. The only problem with so many choices is that they can be overwhelming. The best way to get an idea of breast implants in Atlanta, without losing your senses is to keep it simple.
Focus Points While Choosing Implants
Primarily there are two things that are significant to choosing implants:

  • What is the end result you desire, the final look?
  • Making sure that the new breasts fit the old lifestyle.

The rest you can leave up to your surgeon who will figure out a way to get you the best possible option that covers both the above mentioned points. All you need to worry about is the fact that you are crystal clear about what your final look should be. Visual aid can come in handy, for example, select pictures of breasts you like and make sure you know what you like about them and why.
How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

  • Present Size of Your Breasts: You will need breast tissue to cover the implant. So it depends a lot on how much existing tissue you’ve got. If you don’t have ample breast tissue to cover the implant, then these implants may not be able to fit because of the big size.
  • The Width of Your Shoulder and Chest: Lucky for the patients undergoing the surgery, implants come in different base widths. So you would have ample sizes to choose from. You can choose whatever size fits your frame best.
  • Your Lifestyle Matters: You want your breasts to look the way you want for a longer period and you want the implants to be perfect for many years to come. If you stay conservative, you may wish sometime later in life that you should have gone with bigger implants. And if you go big you may think you have overdone the size and find yourself suffering with related issues such as sagging, back pain or neck pain. So choose wisely.
  • Exercise and Sports: If you are an athlete, a runner or a bodybuilder, you need to inform your surgeon beforehand. He will be able to guide you and help you when selecting the size. You wouldn’t want to get breast implants too big to exercise, an expert on the subject matter can guide you about the size and shape according to your activity level.
  • Proportion and Symmetry: It’s not always about how big of a size you go for but in fact it is about the proportion and symmetry of the implants that matter. There are women out there who go for a breast augmentation surgery to make their breasts equal in proportion. Choosing from a wide range of breast implants Atlanta, your surgeon can bring symmetry to your breasts, even if they had a significance difference earlier.

Trying On Implants for Size
The implant sizing will be one of the most important session that you will make with your plastic surgeon. During the session, you will be provided with a special bra that could fit numerous shapes and sizes of implants. This way you will be able to see which implant size will best suit you. Mentioned below are some pointers that will help you get the most out of your session:

  • Low-cut, light-colored T Shirt: The low cut will help you see how your cleavage looks like post-surgery and the light color will help you see the curves of your boobs.
  • Too Large vs Too Small: Try all sorts of sizes, also the ones that are too big or too small. You would want to know how you don’t want to look. So this size experiment would help figuring that out.
  • Ask For Opinion: Either bring a friend along or ask the nurse/coordinator for views as to how your implants look. A second opinion will help you decide well and it will not let you get carried away.

Author Bio: Angela John is working as Content Strategist at Crispin Plastic Surgery, the Plastic surgery company US. She is a Holistic plastic surgery consultant, avid Beauty Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about on various health conditions, beauty and plastic surgery tips. She is a passionate writer.