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Fashion Trends for 2017 : What is hot and what is out

It is never too late to update your wardrobe with latest trends for this brand new year. From casuals to office wear, accessories and footwear, there is much to look forward to in this season, as the fashion catwalks have introduced us to a dizzying variety of fresh updates to last year’s fashion favorites. Interestingly, we also saw several interesting re-inventions from the past, while some trends of last year seem to have completely vanished from the scene.
So, take a look at our round-up of what is hot and what is not for 2017, and get ready to go shopping for the latest in fashion trends for this year!

Say it with stripes

summer young
Straight lines, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal, have taken the fashion runways by storm. By varying the sizes and colors, this simple print can be adapted to formal and casual styles easily. Multi-color stripes are the latest, as was showcased on the New York fashion week catwalks. For pictures and more information on this trend, check out this article on the WWD website. (Ref:
Expect to see stripes of all sizes, shapes and colors everywhere, on sweaters and tops as well as trousers even shoes. The best thing about this timeless fashion print is that subtle variations in color, size and spacing allow them to fit into any setting, formal or informal. So, stripes are suitable in both work wear and casual outfits. Nautical colors like navy, black, white and maroon were the most popular and these were showcased in all sizes ranging from wide to pencil and pin-stripe varieties.

Shades of yellow and other colors

girl lavender
After orange, pastels and pinks, yellow is the new color in the spotlight. Cheerful, sunny and uplifting, different hues of this bright color was featured in the trends for this year. This signature color can be used either as the focus of your wardrobe, or to accentuate colors like Pacific blue, another popular color on the runways this year. Yellow was mostly accompanied by blacks and neutrals for a surprising, tropical vibe that is reminiscent of summer. The almost neutral shade of rose sand will be doing the rounds as well, and also expect to see red in warmer tones like amber instead of in fiery shades.

Who doesn’t love florals and tribals

girl female floral
The two top trending prints for the season are florals and tribal prints. Animal prints that were the designer favorites till last season have slowly been pushed away from the main scene. Taking its place are tribal prints this year. Used both in accessories, as well as tops and skirts, the bright and colorful mix of colors pair well with solid colors, to balance out the overall look. Floral prints continue to be a favorite. This year, the romantic detail takes on either extremes on the scale, and appears either as micro or macro florals in designer collections. One of our favorites is the brocade florals in Michael Kors collections at the New York Fashion week, with breezy colored details in aquatic blue, avocado green and other unexpected hues. To check out the pictures of this collection, take a look at this roundup on the Fashionizers website. (Ref:

Sighting more shoulders

beauty woman
Although the off-the-shoulder neckline feature continues to go strong, slits on shoulders are the more popular choice this year. Strategically placed cut-outs in the shoulder area create a sophisticated vibe for many an outfit. We will also be seeing more dress designs with single-shoulder straps and sleeves. Whether paired with short or long sleeves, the exposed shoulder creates a fashion statement in itself. From the looks of it, it seems that this trend of showing off the shoulders will be around for a while. So, don’t forget to pick a few suitable outfits for yourself, and make this style your own. In-keeping with this trend, celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker, made it the statement element of their look at the Golden Globes award. (Ref:

Trench coats and loose silhouettes

autumm caps
Comfort is the buzzword in outerwear, and trench coats are once again doing the rounds. This time, they appear in bigger and longer proportions, draping loosely and adding extra warmth. Oversize trench coats often extend to the knee and beyond, creating a casual silhouette with no visible curves. Menswear-inspired fashion is also trending, with loose shirt dresses and Palazzo trousers being popular choices. There is a general emphasis on highlighting the waistline in many of these dress styles. This is achieved by choosing a belt or wide sash as accessories.

Flat heels for comfort as well as style

Tall pointed heels that make you say ouch, are a thing of the past. Women have been sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion for long enough. Flat heeled shoes are the latest big thing in footwear. Take a look at this article on the shoe trends for 2016-17 and you will see what we mean. (Ref: Comfortable and practical, these varieties are the ideal style for women who love the height, but can’t carry the heels. From chunky little mid-length heels to wide-banded stacked heels and big, flat platform shoes and wedges, flat-form heels of various styles will replace the sexy high heels from the last seasons. Unlike the bland and boring brown versions that characterized the style previously, this time flat heels take on wild and interesting prints, designs and embellishments. So, expect these quirky pieces to be a style statement in itself. And if you want to enjoy the look of the traditional heel without hurting your feet, kitten heels are the best bet you have.

Ruffle dresses and peasant dress styles

Casual looks are a trending fashion statement this season. Seamless silhouettes that flow with femininity will grace both casual and formal scenes this year. Spring and summer looks will see ruffles in various proportions on sleeves and in the bodices. This textural element is an ideal choice to amp up the volume of the dress and add to its finesse. Equally popular will be the smooth peasant style silhouette in loose and structured styles. While the unstructured versions will serve as casual outfits, the structured and fitted silhouettes are better suited for formal and semi-formal events. Pinafore slips are also great as casual attires that are light, breathable and perfect choices for warm, summer months.

Statement earrings

girl black
Your must-have accessories for the season are earrings in bigger and bolder proportions. Statement earrings that extend to shoulder length and even beyond easily dress up any outfit. Graphic details, futuristic lines and art school imagery are the trendy details that work well this year. Another accessory to adorn ears with is the ear cuff, that can be worn alone or as a pair. Bold, graphic shapes as well as romantic feminine designs on ear cuffs are equally trending. A style for bold and daring ladies is the single earring of spectacular size. Also look out for unusual materials being used in this design. Earrings may be designed with fabric, metal or thread for the intended impact.

Necklaces and chokers

As necklines in the dresses and tops dip deeper, so do the length of necklaces to match these outfits. The long necklace has reappeared from the past, with lengths that extend to the navel. Earthy, mineral materials with raw stones and crystals are also very popular this year. Eclectic pieces like ropes and bicycle chains are fashion-forward choices for bold women. Futuristic influences were observed in several collections, with graphic detailing and hybrid or two-in-one earring-necklace combinations gaining attention. Fine jewelry pieces with intricate modeling paired well with stylish and modern dress styles. Fore more jewelry trends for this year, take a look at this trend report on the Vogue. (Ref:

Bag it right

leather lifestyle
Cinch bags are the season’s new update to bucket bags, making it an easy and convenient option to carry. Available in all shapes, sizes and colors, these drawstring bags can vary from the smaller, sleek models to embellished, bigger versions. Structured boxy handbags were another popular pick, with geometrically symmetric and structured shapes. Reptile skin prints are a popular design element for a variety of patterned handbags. Apart from this, leopard and tiger prints were also seen. However, these were done in moderate doses and paired with solid colors for the right effect. The clutches for this season feature tweed and leather finishes, and work at both evening parties as well as for daily use. Tassels and fringing are the design elements that are largely preferred to accessorize and embellish bags. Finally, vintage style bags with sophisticated frames, floral embellishments and delicate glamorous details are a choice for those who love things with a touch of history. For more details on trends in the handbag department for the year, take a look at this article on the Fashionisers website.(Ref: