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Family Fun Redefined

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid,

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid,

It’s so much harder to communicate with kid’s these days. As much as technology has given us, it has also helped to build walls that are very difficult to penetrate. Family outings, family parties or even a family dinner has become a tedious task for children and sometimes even for adults. It’s just something they have to get over before they get back to their laptops, iphones or xboxes. This is especially the case in families with older kids as they try as hard as they can to distance themselves from the rest of the family.
A great way to change this dynamic of the family is to plan fun activities that will not only take your children by surprise but also bring your family closer. The added advantage of fun outdoor activities is that it gives you and your kids some much needed fresh air and exercise.
Tag is one of the simplest games you can play outdoors, and you can step it up by incentivising it. For example , the person who is never caught gets a write -off for a week of chores. Or something else that you know the kids would really want. They might be reluctant to play at first, but once they get into the spirit of it you will see everyone, including you having a lot of fun and running and yelling like little children.
Another ourdoor activity that most forget once they leave school is hopscotch. The upgraded version can include equations instead of numbers and not only does your counter have to land appropriately, you have to solve the equation to hop to the square. You can offer this as an alternative for Math revision and you can be sure the whole family will have a blast while also improving their Math skills. You just may discover that your children are leaps and bounds ahead of you when it comes to Math, and this is an experience that you will definitely enjoy.
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic,

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic,

You can step it up a notch by fulfilling every child and adults dream – the jumping castle. This is one childhood experience that everyone is reluctant to let go off. Sometimes, you can see teenagers bribing the caretaker to let them play on an empty jumping castle. The exhilaration of jumping in a jumping castle is incomparable, and it can turn the most sullen child into a big smiling ball of joy.
Adult jumping castles are designed to accommodate adults as well so you can make this a fun adult experience that both you and your children will joy. The experiences you have in the jumping castle are sure to be remembered and laughed over at many subsequent family dinners. The benefit of doing this as a family, is that you can watch out and make sure everyone is having fun and no one is getting hurt. This is harder to do in a public jumping castle, even if it accommodates adults.
Once you’ve introduced the first couple of activities and your children understand how it brings everyone together and helps them to communicate, have fun and come closer together, you can ask them for their suggestions as to what to do next. Involving everyone in the planning of these activities will ensure that everyone is invested them and they become a regular feature in your household.
Author: Joanne Miller is a blogger, business woman and mum of three kids. She loves to write about parenting and children. Disclosure: Some info for this article was taken from this site.

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