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Excellent Health Careers For Women

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The health industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This is because of increased awareness and technology that has enabled it to branch out. This has enabled health providers to treat and give many services that were inaccessible before. Today, good relations, communication and empathy are emphasized between patients and health providers. It is a fact that women posses amazing soft and people skills. They are also very in touch with people’s feelings. For these reasons and others, there are health jobs which demand women mostly. They include:
Pediatrician: Women love children unconditionally and they are nurturing in nature. They are also able to read and decipher children behaviors easily compared to men. Children are also more comfortable with women and this makes them very suitable for the job.
They can also be gynecologists. Most women want women to be their doctors as they feel they can relate to them and understand them perfectly. Women are good at reassuring fellow women especially pregnant ones which makes them relax and feel more comfortable in hospitals.
Another job is that of a health advisor or nutritionist. It is a good option for those who prefer talking and advising to the more grueling practices of surgeons. Once you gain experience for about two years you can be assured of a good salary in many institutions. Health advisors mostly work in specialty units like HIV/AIDS centers, obesity units, antenatal and lifestyle diseases units.
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Nursing jobs as expected demand women mostly. This is due to the helpful nature of women. Traditionally nursing was a preserve of women. Only recently did men start venturing into the occupation. As a nurse you can increase your knowledge by studying and hence becoming more relevant. Care homes are becoming very popular all over the world. Apart from hospitals, they are the biggest recruiters of registered nurses. The nurses care for the elderly and also conduct health assessments in the homes.
A physician job is also at the helm for women. A good reason for this is the women in this position are paid very well, and in some cases better than men. The job involves treating and prescribing medicines. Excellent communication and empathy skills come to play in this job.
Beauty is very close to all females so a cosmetic surgeon is another option. Many people are having plastic surgeries and the trend is not about to relent.
Other top health jobs for women include medical writing, transcription and healthcare recruiting. These are good for women with children or those who want to venture into other things and still utilize their health diplomas as they can work from home. You can also involve yourself with technology and be the medical geek or be a pharmacist (which allows you flexibility and great benefits).
These jobs came to be top for women because of the demand by patients to have women serve them. Moreover many women have also enrolled in medical schools. As you study for any of the jobs however, ensure it fits you so that you can give your best.
Author: Miles Wiseman is a writer and blogger from Brisbane who takes particular interest in finance, business and employment. He writes about all the interesting things related to job search, career progress, etc. Disclosure: Some info for this article was taken from here.

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