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DIY Self Tanner So Good You Won't Be-Leaf It!

DIY Self Tanner So Good You Won't Be-Leaf It!

We all know tanning under a hot sun can be bad for your skin and ultimately for your health. Tanning beds aren’t the greatest alternative and self-tanners? Well they can just leave you streaky, orange, and looking like you just stepped off The Jersey Shore. Not exactly the best look for us ladies.

To get myself through the long winter months where I turn a freakishly pale color, I try and look for healthy alternatives that will leave me looking sun-kissed and goddess-esque.

Recently I found the coolest at-home tanning treatment I’ve found in a long time and am a little hooked on it, to say the least.

Girlfriends, I introduce you to the best little DIY beauty treatment that’s so easy you won’t be-leaf it. Natural self-tanner made from tea!

Not only is it natural and good for your skin, it’s easy, cheap, and will last for 3-4 days at a time.

‘T’ea Is For Tan

All you need is around 40 minutes, about 4 black tea bags, a sponge or a spray bottle, and an area where you can get a little messy.

Simple boil 2 cups of water and add the tea bags. Leave the tea bags in the water for about 15 minutes to steep and allow the water to cool down.

Use these 15 minutes that your tea is steeping to have a quick shower to make sure you are not sweaty or oily, that way your tan will dry evenly and without streaks.

Once you are out of the shower and your water is dark and cool enough to touch simply pour it into a big bowl or into a clean spray bottle. Make sure you are completely dry before you start your tanning process.

Stand in an area where you don’t mind getting a little dirty, a bath tub is probably best so you can sit down (just make sure it’s dry), and drench your sponge in the tea and wipe all over your body. If you decide to use a spray bottle make sure you spray yourself evenly. Let your skin air dry and apply a second coat if you want a darker shade.

You want to make sure you aren’t wearing any clothes you don’t want to stain as this tea mixture will stain them, and you will also want to make sure you are completely dry before getting dressed.

Once you are dried off and looking sun-kissed, pair your new tan with a bright pastel dress, I’m currently digging mint colored everything, which will really make your tan pop.

And there you have it. A DIY self-tanner that works, is super cheap, won’t leave you looking orange, doesn’t include nasty chemicals, and best of all is healthy for your skin.

Author: Vanessa is a lifestyle bloggin’ babe whose work can be found on various websites around cyberland where she reviews products, such as LifeCell eye cream, amongst many others. The best part about her job? She has amazing skin!

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