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9 Remarkable Sustainable Living Essential Reusable Must-Haves

9 Remarkable Sustainable Living Essential Reusable Must-Haves
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Plastic pollution remains to be one of the biggest, glaring environmental problems. The only way to combat it is sustainable living. Every day, eight million pieces of plastics end up being dumped on the ocean. Recent statistics also show that there are approximately 5.25 trillion microplastic pieces that are floating in the waters and may harm the sea creatures. Of the marine debris in the ocean, 90% of it is all plastics.

In this high-speed, demanding world that we are living today, sustainable living allows us to minimize our use of plastic and help save the environment. If you want to live a simple lifestyle, here are the following tips for sustainable living, specific to the top nine must-have eco-friendly items to invest.

The 9 Reusable Sustainable Living

Reusable Metal Straws

1. Reusable metal straws

A lot of people use plastic straws and throw them after drinking. Instead of contributing to the plastic pollution when drinking your favorite beverages, swap your plastic straws to reusable metal straws.

It is ideal for people who are looking for the best sustainable living ideas. If you’re having a hard time giving up your straw habit, using reusable metal straws is one way to go. These straws are made of non-toxic, BPA-free metals that are safe to use for cold and hot drinks. Not only that, but it is also portable and easy to carry anywhere you go. It comes with a variety of shapes and designs that will suit your tastes. 

2. Organic cotton dish

If you like to cook, you know the importance of paper towels on hand. However, instead of using paper towels single-handedly, why not switch to organic cotton dishes instead? It’s an eco-friendly alternative to using paper towels, allowing you to use it to lots of recipes repeatedly.

Some sellers offer bamboo cotton dishes as well. Some sustainable companies such as Bambooee agreed to plant a tree for every roll of bamboo cotton dish they sell. These are the kind of companies that are worth investing in if you’re planning to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Reusable Shopping Bag

3. Reusable shopping bag

Shopping using plastic bags isn’t stylish and also contributes to plastic pollution. Sustainable living means swapping your single-use products to great eco-friendly alternatives.

There are one trillion plastic bags that are gone to waste annually, and you can help decrease the number by using reusable shopping bags. Using your old tote bag or painting a new canvas tote bag will allow you to shop with style. Multiple grocery stores in the market offer discounts to people who are bringing their shopping bags.

Reusable water bottle

4. Reusable water bottle

Perhaps one of the best sustainable living products is a water bottle. Using your water bottle allows you to save single-use plastic from winding into the oceans, blocking the drainage, or scattering on the road.

There are lots of stylish water bottles that you can choose based on your preferences. Instead of using disposable water bottles from massive companies, bring your bottle when going out.

5. Organic face wash

Do you have sensitive skin? Maybe the makeup with heavy chemicals is the reason why your pimples and zits are still flaring up.

Why don’t you introduce your skin to an organic face wash instead? These products are free of paraben, sulfate, and does not violate animal cruelty. There are lots of dignified makeup sellers who offer organic face wash that comes with a recyclable product package. These products are gentle to your skin and allow you to breathe from wearing makeup every day.

6. Reusable coffee filters

Can you think of the best sustainable living innovations? Perhaps it’s the reusable coffee filters that are made available in the market today.

Don’t waste plastic by tossing used coffee filters into the bin every morning when you can use a reusable coffee filter pod. Now you can enjoy fresh coffee without feeling guilty by using single-use coffee filters.

Reusable coffee filters

7. Bar shampoos, lotions, and soap

Don’t be one of the 80 billion people who are using plastic bottles of shampoo and condition every year.

One of the best sustainable living ideas is being conscious of the packaging of the skincare products that you’re buying. As much as possible, your shampoos, lotions, and soap should be in bar form.

There are lots of beauty stores nowadays that offer eco-friendly shampoo, soap, and moisturizer in bar forms and with eco-friendly packaging. That way, there is zero consumer waste when using these products.

8. Non-disposable tampons and pads

If you think there are no eco-friendly alternatives for tampons and pads—think again. There is non-disposable absorbent underwear that is designed for varying flow levels of women.

This sustainable living product features cotton and nylon blend that allows you to wear it repeatedly after washing.

Albeit it may feel uncomfortable at first, primarily if you’re used to disposable pads and tampons, it’s one of the best ways to reduce your waste.

9. Eco-friendly phone cases

One of the best sustainable living innovations is an eco-friendly phone case. Have you ever heard a compostable phone case?

Some companies are making their move into producing a flax-straw based bioplastic. It is the primary material for phone cases. There are designs, shapes, and colors that you can choose from to suit your style. Regardless if you are an Android or IOS user, these phone cases are undoubtedly a great thing to swap your old, plastic cases.


There are lots of reasons why you should switch to simple, sustainable living. Using the products mentioned above are suitable for your health. Aside from that, it also helps you to save money in the long run. Now you can live independently and sufficiently.

Big companies nowadays are tricking people into thinking that they need a lot of items to live. You can live with only a few things that you can find in your surroundings. If you detach yourself from the world, you will surely find your way into sustainable living.

Now that you know the top nine must-have items for sustainable living, little by little, starting swapping your things with these reusable items. You will find later on the joy of living and sustainably.