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5 Great Date Night Recipes

There is nothing like sharing a good meal with your significant other. Enjoying a tasty date night meal with that special someone will give the two of you the chance to just talk and enjoy being together while satisfying your taste buds. If you are thinking about making your next date night a cozy dinner at home, here are 5 great ideas for scrumptious date night meals.


For a tasty date night meal, why not try making pasta? From basic spaghetti to a red wine pasta, there are a variety of dishes that can be made with pasta, sauce and a little imagination. If the two of you like shrimp, one great pasta dish you can make is shrimp pasta with tomato and basil. Simply cook some shrimp with a few cloves of garlic and pour in a cup of diced tomato. Then, toss in a some basil leaves and let the mixture cook for a while. When finished cooking, blend with the angel hair pasta and enjoy!

Steak And Eggs

If you want to eat a traditional, easy to cook meal on your date night, why not make some steak and eggs? Contrary to popular belief, steak and eggs are not just for breakfast. This tasty meal can be enjoyed day or night and it is a great date night recipe. All you have to do is cook the steak, cook the eggs, and get ready to enjoy a tasty meal with your significant other.


If you and that special someone want to enjoy a meal you cooked together, why not make pizza? Together, the two of you can add the toppings of your choice to create the perfect personal pan pizza. This way, each of you can have the type of pizza you like best, therefore eliminating the possibility of a pizza topping argument.

Fresh Fruit Salad

For a great desert that is both tasty and healthy, why not try making a fresh fruit salad for your date night? All it takes to make this tasty desert is the cut up fruit of your choice and a bowl. Then, the two of you can enjoy this healthy and yummy desert together.

Steak Dinner

Almost everyone loves a good steak. If you and your significant other want to bring that steakhouse taste into the comfort of your own home, try cooking up a few steaks. If you want, you can add sides like garlic mashed potatoes or corn on the cob. A steak dinner will fill the two of you up while you enjoy a tasty date night dinner together.
If you want to make your next date night extra special, try cooking a meal at home. If you want ideas for a tasty meal, any of the above 5 listed food selections will be perfect for your romantic date night.
[quote]Also, don’t forget to pop open a glass of wine and light some candles.[/quote]
The food combined with the ambience will help contribute to a great date night for you and that special someone.
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