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2020 Living Room Interior Trend Ideas

2020 Living Room Interior Trend Ideas

Have you noticed that there is a specific part of the house especially in your living room that people spend a lot of time and fortune on to get the best design? Sure, every part of the house is vital in their own right, but one location stands out among the rest. You guessed it; it’s the living room, where your family gathers around and the site where you accept visitors and talk about life or business.

Last year’s interior designs provided some nifty ideas, but now, it appears that every trend that came out in the previous year would be inverted, meaning the in-thing last year will go out this year. A lot of people prefer the minimalist type of living, so they think of ways to incorporate it in their living quarters, particularly their living rooms. Designing it may take some planning since some functional parts of the house find themselves in the living room, especially if the house is small or following the minimalist living requirements.

That said, here are the top three trending ideas for the interior design of your living room. Of course, you are free to experiment on each purpose, and if you plan on mixing the ideas in one design, then, by all means, do so. After all, that is the main focus of this article: To promote freedom in expressing your ideas and putting it into action.

Trending interior design ideas for your living room

Combining various functional areas in one location
living room

As mentioned earlier, your living room sometimes becomes the dining area, play area, home entertainment area, work area, and so on. One doesn’t need to become a minimalist to do this. This simple idea may become chaotic when you think about it, but with careful planning with the interior design, all of these amenities would fall into place.

Knowing your house’s floor plan is your first assignment. The right amount of it will go to the living room and some to the other parts of the house. To accomplish this, you need to make use of every space possible. Each area should serve at least two to three purposes.

A good example is using couches that can double as storage spaces underneath. Another technique is employing the use of a loft bed. 

Lots of living room designs incorporate loft beds in their blueprints simply because of its ability to save space. People would use the lower part as a workstation or play area, and the top part would serve as their bed.

Now, some use a ladder to access the bed, but with some ingenious interior design, beside the loft bed are stairs. Each step also serves as small drawers where you can put anything. The workstation also has some provisions for a swivel desk to serve as a small dining area. So many practical uses in such a small space.

Incorporating loft designs for your living room
living room

While the first example is perfect for small spaces, this interior design for your living room makes use of a larger area, so you usually see this in houses with medium to large floor plans. Here, you wouldn’t need to combine different functional parts of the house in one space. You can devote this space entirely for your living room so that you can accept business partners here and hold meetings.

Comfy couches would adorn this space here and there along with one or two tables located on the side and middle of the room. One would serve as the main table, and the other acts as a lampshade table. You can opt for shelves on the wall that will hold books or magazines, something for your guests to pass the time while waiting for the meeting to commence. Finally, the middle table can also keep your refreshments; wine, water, colas, etc.

Taking advantage of the lighting and systems
living room

As for this interior design for your living room, it will focus on the home entertainment aspect along with placing an ambiance that would set the mood for family bonding and banter. This version frequently has a long couch facing the wall where a big television screen, typically 55’ to 75” flat-screens with different home entertainment systems below it. You can use a small cabinet to house the Blu-ray disc player, place a video game console on top, and some speakers on each side. You can also emulate a surround iMax-type cinema by placing small speaker boxes on each of the ceilings’ corners.

To spice everything up, you can line some LED strip lights along the ceiling’s extremities, and with a touch of a remote button, the lights will change. Each light stands for a specific mood, and you can even make the lights dance as if your living room is a disco, and this is perfect if you invite some people to a late-night party at your house. This trending design never goes old and keeps on getting better and better each year with the introduction of new technologies and entertainment systems.

  • Things to consider when planning the interior design if your living room

Most models right now are either deemed classic or modern. An amalgamation of both gives you a lot of options and ideas. Here are some factors that designers consider when doing living room interior design:

living room

1. Lighting

Lights play a significant role in interior design for living rooms. Take note that you don’t need to place many light bulbs around the room. Simple LED lights will do. Incorporating windows would take care of the lighting aspect since you can bask in the sun’s brilliance once you open the drapes in the morning to let the sunlight in the room. Doing this will make your room seem more significant than it is typically.

2. Space

Depending on your house’s floor plan, you might need to use every bit of space for multiple purposes—benches that pull out as a bed, tables with drawers, and so on. Your house might look small at first glance but is fully functional and designed to cater to your needs.

3. The minimalist approach

Bringing only the needed things to make your living room useful is this factor’s objective. Many interior designs tend to do away with the things that look good but provide little not to function at all. What they do is a place only the needed furniture in the room and make use of mirrors or lighting devices that not only decorate the room but also serve a practical function as well.


Interior designs for your living room will no doubt progress as the years come by. For now, these trending design ideas leave people breathless and awestruck because of their beauty and functionality. With enough research, you can make the best design for your living room and will also provide a silent description of your personality and taste.In case there's one idealize minute to upgrade your domestic, it's at the beginning of a modern decade. After 10 years of the same ancient, same ancient, presently is the time to roll on one of the best paintcolors, revive the heart of your domestic with one of our favorite kitchen thoughts or essentially include an unused piece of craftsmanship to your display divider. And in the event that you need to create a genuine articulation this year, at that point attempt consolidating one of the most sultry domestic stylistic layout patterns of 2020.

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