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Do you know about the fashionable style and art of decorating nails?

Image courtesy of Marin,

Image courtesy of Marin,

The fine art of decorating nails is the most happening style now. Getting well versed in nail art is the foremost fashion style. Everybody these days is mindful regarding look and demand of the beautification of nails and therefore all think of mastering the art. Beauticians and technicians always look for opportunities to learn new techniques and styles to increase the customer base.
The belief is that learning nail art is less expensive in terms of other arts and it can give good profits for beauticians and technicians. All that it requires is practice and eye catching contemporary designs which can look attractive and modern.
The history goes like this, around three thousand B.C the first nail paint was found. Then people used bees wax, gum, and gelatin to generate glaze to adorn the nail. In the modern times, due to advancement in science and technology different forms of nail enamels came into existence. The most hip and admired nail adornment techniques nowadays is art of decorating nails. This appearance of art is not restricted to draw pictures and patterns on nails but it is much away from that. Nail art include of a variety of nail adornments and products to alter the look of the nails and make them appeal as cool as possible.
Image courtesy of Marcus,

Image courtesy of Marcus,

Those days are long way gone back where girls used to pep up only with nail paint, which was very conventional method of applying nail polish with different colors. Now a days the traditional methods of applying nail polish is almost backed up by creativity and new trends which are amazing and loved by the new generation. It is very important basis in provided of that of beautiful nail designs. Fashionable and smart nails have momentous significance at a range of occasions, similar to shopping, gathering, travel around etc. Most women go for nail art not just for the beauty reasons but also for fitness and sanitation reasons.
It is very important to keep the fingers and toenails clean, dry and trimmed. As this can help us avoid many problems. More than men, women need to take a mile extra care to look good, and also to take care of health and hygiene. In order to have healthy nails, the good diet includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods which are rich in Vitamin D, phosphorus, zinc, calcium are necessary to strengthen the nails. Having a weekly manicure and pedicure is also a fine way to remain hail and healthy.
Image courtesy of Graur-Codrin,

Image courtesy of Graur-Codrin,

Lot of young girls wish to make their nails very attractive for which the required materials to decorate are easily available in the market, but one should have good idea how to use the materials in a proper way. There is also new fashion which has come up called ‘nail extensions’. These are made up of plastic tips and acetate, and they are bonded to the nails to lengthen it. If you prefer acrylic nails, then make sure to place the bead of acrylic mixture on the free edge. The acrylic ones have come a long way. The acrylic nail color can look very natural and is also very popular. It might be little expensive but it’s worth because it makes the nail look beautiful. Lot of people uses uncomplicated styles with acrylic combination for their nails as it looks nice and elegant.
Be careful, improper elimination of acrylic nails can harm your actual nails. Get the support of trained nail tech. The only harmful part of acrylic nails is that it needs lot to be concerned about care and protection or else fungal infections or similar nail diseases can occur.
Author: Biju Nair I am a beauty specialist as well as a writer. I am very much interested in writing beauty related topics like learning nail art, hair care & makeup applications.

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