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7 Best and Worst Foods for Healthy Skin

7 Best and Worst Foods for Healthy Skin
The skin being the largest organ of the body has to be taken great care for it to remain healthy.Taking lots of water throughout the day and a balanced diet gives the skin gorgeous look. The skin needs to be cleaned twice a day for it to remain fresh and open the pores in order to excrete dart.The face is always the first to be affected by many skin disorders like acne, wrinkle. Taking foods rich in cholesterol leads to the formation of acne especially for those in puberty.
7 Best Foods for Healthy skin

  1. Strawberries – They contain an anti-aging vitamin C, which is not in oranges or grape fruit. It also softens the skin and prevents from wrinkles. Apply natural berry paste once or twice a week. You should also eat other fruits rich in vitamin C.
  2. Olive oil – A high consumption of olive oil preferably daily helps to prevent wrinkles and acne you should take at least two spoonful’s daily for better results. After research, the olive oil became the best as compared to both sunflower and peanut though it’s more expensive.
  3. Tomatoes – They are so cheap, easily available and affordable all over the word. Either for skin treatment tomato can be eaten raw or its paste applied on the skin directly. It clearly protects the skin from sunburn, clears acne completely and wrinkles. The components in a raw potato work better than those in the olive oilin cases of sunburn protection.
  4. Pumpkin – Most skin infections seen on the face arise from the stomach. This is a signal that the stomach has some worms in the intestines. The pumpkin contains a very strong component that destroys all worms in the intestines. This pumpkin should be eaten when boiled which helps to make the face so smooth and acne free. This pumpkin is not only for kids but also for works best for grownups.
  5. Dark chocolate – It is rich in flavones, plant compounds, which help, hydrate the skin and improve blood circulation. This opens the skin pores. Hence, the excess dirt and sweat are excreted through the pore. The skin is able to breathe properly. Consumption of chocolate does not lead to weight gain.
  6. Carrot – It contains vitamins that are very useful to the skin. A paste of raw carrot is applied on the skin for just 10 minutes this helps improve skins smoothness and clear wrinkles.
  7. Green vegetables – The likes of kales, spinach and cabbage that contain a green pigment and vitamins, which improves the skin, texture, smoothness and keep off wrinkles.

7 Worst Foods for Healthy Skin

  1. Candy –Loved so much by those at puberty but, it is the cause of acne and source of endless pimples.
  2. Sugary items – Such as cakes, biscuits, sweets and some carbohydrates such as rice. They are converted to glucose and stick to wrinkle fighting proteins hence the wrinkles will not end.
  3. Smoking cigarettes –Leads to formation of dry skin and black lips, which look pathetic. Also, consumption of cigarette leads to the formation of wrinkles dull skin.
  4. Milk – Fresh milk from the cow has fats, which greatly affect the skin causing acne. They cause skin inflammation, breakage and ramp up oil production especially on the face.
  5. Chips – Most of the eateries have fast foods the likes of chips sausage and chicken. They have a lot of cholesterol, which cause quick aging of the skin and  acne and blackheads. They increase skin inflammation and breakage.
  6. Margarine –It contains milk products i.e. the fats extracted from the raw milk which is a cause of acne and blockage of the skin pores
  7. Juice and soda –They both lack fiber, which is very essential for the skin, which prevent quick aging of the skin and without the fiber, wrinkles will be endless.

Fruits contain vitamins of all kinds i.e. vitamin A, B, C, D and E. These vitamins are very essential for the skin. They help prevent wrinkles, acne, sunburns, dull skin and skin cancer. Other foods rich in fats always destroy the skin texture and appearance; they also cause general body problems such as high blood pleasure, obesity and diabetes.With all those disease the skin becomes dull and ugly. It should take discipline for each individual to feed on foods that benefit the body and the skin in general. If your body is full of acne, you cannot be comfortable while hanging out with friends or even strangers, the feeling of having a bad look on the face will always be on your mind so you cannot enjoy. To avoid all this trouble keep off from junk foods maintain vegetables, many fruits, water and a balanced diet.
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