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Different types of barbecue grills

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There is nothing better than the yummy smell of hamburgers and hotdogs sizzling out of a grill on a hot summer afternoon. If summer is fast approaching and are not fully prepared for an amazing culinary experience, then it’s time you upgraded the grill you have. If you have not yet purchased your first grill or want to try a different type, then there are several options open to you. Here are different types of barbecue grills you can buy to prepare for that awesome barbecue party.

1. Gas grills

Arguably the most popular type of backyard grill, gas grill can run either on natural gas from your service provider or on bottled propane. Although they are specifically designed for propane gas, most of them can be converted easily to enable you use natural gas on them. However, it is less expensive and fairly more convenient to use natural gas, as opposed to using propane gas. This is especially true if you have access to natural gas line.
Gas barbecue grill is most convenient for that impatient chef who wants to fire up a grill and quickly cook a meal without having to worry about the inconvenience of using charcoal. Even though preferred by many, gas grills only provide a hint of smoke flavours as compared to charcoal grills.

2. Charcoal grills

As opposed to the former that uses gas, charcoal grills use charcoal briquettes to provide fire for cooking. Though less expensive than gas grills, charcoal grills are time-consuming and are not the perfect choice for impatient chefs. However, the taste of barbecues made from this type of grill is simply incomparable, especially if natural wood is used.
If you long for that smoky grilled flavour or you simply like smoking meat, then charcoal grill is your best bet. In sharp contrast to gas, charcoal burns at extremely high temperatures, allowing a grill master to sear the meat easily. Additionally, using charcoal grills provide a distinct romance that is clearly lacking in other types of grills.

3. Electric grills

Popular with city dwellers prohibited by fire regulations, electric grills are powered by electricity and use powered plates to grill meat. They are available in both indoor and outdoor varieties, giving grill masters a variety to choose from. However, before purchasing, it is important checking your local laws and building regulations to ensure that you do not violate the codes. Electric grills produce results that are more or less the same as fire-powered grills.

4. Portable grills

These grills can run either on charcoal or propane and provide the convenience of being portable. Being easy to transport from one location to another, these grills make a perfect choice for picnic or outdoor party events. They are available in different styles to suit any nature of picnic or tailgate.

However, portable grills are not the perfect choice when you need to prepare barbecues for a large crowd. You might just spend the whole day by the grill. However, the convenience it provides is worth the purchase.

Choosing the right type of barbecue grill all boils down to your budget and lifestyle. Using the above guide, you can make the right decision when purchasing an outdoor barbecue grill for the best summer ever.
Author: Danny Duric is an Australian designer and blogger, who enjoys reading and writing about home improvement and home design. He is writing on behalf of a supplier of barbeque grills in Brisbane, Australia.

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