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Fall Flat Trends That Don't Fall Flat

Fit In Clouds Silver Sequin Fold-able Flats

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Do you ever find that Back-to-School seems to make it feel like the start of a whole new year, rather than just a new season?
You’ve busted your butt through Winter, Spring and Summer and now you are just pooped. After sporting heeled boots and peep toe wedges all year round all you want to do is kick it in a nice flat.
Luckily for you ladies, with Fall comes some seriously phat flat trends and I am here to give you 411 on them all!
Hitting the shelves this Fall are a lot of fun new twists on your classic flat kicks. From colour combinations to new takes on old styles there’s a little bit of something for everyone this season, so listen up!

Which Flats Are Phat This Season?

One of the biggest trends you will be sporting this season is the metallic-inspired flat. Don’t worry, I don’t mean disco ball metallic; think more along the lines of pewters and patinas.
The subtle metallic hues are great to dress up a pair of jeans or to give that boring work outfit a little more pizazz!
Miss Ivanka Trump has knocked a few of these shoes out of the ball park, but if you’re looking for something a little more comfy go with the Naturalizer Maude in Platino Metallic.
Naturalizer’s one of a kind N5 comfort system will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds, rather than the office linoleum.

Loafer Flats

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Who knew androgyny could be so sexy? Well, my friends the loafer did! That’s right, loafer’s are more than just your Father’s Sunday brunch go-to shoe. They have been girlified and feminized and are just flying off the shelves.
So what makes the loafer so trendy? Well, the sleek slip-on comfort of the style paired with bows and fab colours make it a winner. Wear your lady loafers with your fave skinny jeans and a ruffled blouse and really make a statement this Fall!
Pointed toe heels are making a come back and the same goes for flats. What’s great about the pointed toe flat is you can wear it to the office and still feel professional.
Yes, it’s true; I typically prefer a more rounded toe shoe but there’s something to be said about a good pointed toe. A perfect example is the Nine West Taker, which keeps the professionalism of a pant suit on those days when you just can’t fathom throwing on heels.

I’ve told you about style, but what about colours?

You will not be disappointed this season, that’s for sure! I already mentioned that metallics are sparkling this Fall, but you can also look forward to colour blocking, bold prints and rich colours.
Nothing says Autumn more than a deep, rich shade. The big one this year is what I call Chianti. Just like the vino, it’s pretty awesome and can make your otherwise neutral outfit really stand out.
We can’t seem to get enough of them this Summer so we’ve carried them over to the Fall. Flirty floral prints and powerful polka dots will hold a special place in your shoe closet this season. Paired with leggings and a knit sweater, your feet will be strutting in style!
Never heard of colour blocking before? Now that you have, you’ll wish you had sooner!
Colour blocking is two very distinct and separate colours coming together in one shoe to make a bold statement. Think a neutral upper with a neon base. This colour trend is a great way for you to play with your outfits and be a little more sassy!
With all these fun and flirty fall fashions coming your way you should be able to transition seamlessly between seasons without having to break the bank. Just be sure to stock up on these phat flats so you can stay on trend this Fall.
Author: Jill is a shoe blogger who blogs about, what else, SHOES! From reviewing different styles, such as the Frye Mimi Scrunch boot, to handy DIY tips and tricks that help you take better care of your shoes, she’s blogged about it all! And when she’s not blogging about shoes, she’s buying them online. Obviously.

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