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When To Use Skin Oil For Your Skin Care Regimen

When To Use Skin Oil For Your Skin Care Regimen

When to Use Bio Oil in Skin Care Routine?

If you have dry or aging skin, Bio oil is an excellent choice. You can use it on any part of your body to improve your complexion. If you suffer from scars and other signs of aging, Bio oil will help reduce the appearance of those. It will also improve the colour of acne scars.

You can use Bio oil twice a day for a minimum of three months however, you should make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any side effects.

When you use Bio oil on your skin, you should not rub it in like moisturizer. Instead, you should gently pat the oil on your face. This will help the ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. You can also use Bio oil after your shower or bath to prevent dry skin on your face.

Bio oil has a few other benefits. It is best to use after a bath. For best results, apply it to the face twice daily and pat it in.