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What Is Propylene Glycol In Skin Care

What Is Propylene Glycol In Skin Care

What is Propylene Glycol in Skin Care?

You’ve probably heard of Propylene Glycol but what is it? and why is it used in skincare? Propylene is a petroleum derivative that serves as an anti-freeze. In the final state, it’s harmless to humans. It’s also a common ingredient in topical cosmetics. Here’s what you need to know about this additive.

It’s an important ingredient for acne-prone skin and dermatologists recommend avoiding it. Propylene Glycol is used in skincare products as a solvent and to help the active ingredients penetrate the skin.

It also helps the product stay hydrated in hot and cold temperatures. It’s also considered a good humectant which means it can help skin retain moisture. It’s not toxic and can be safe for most people to use. It also plays an important role in preventing the melting of creams and lotions.

Propylene Glycol isn’t harmful but it can cause a rash when applied to the skin. It’s best to avoid products with this because it is commonly found in cosmetics. You can check the manufacturer of the product.

Propylene Glycol: What is the Deal?

Propylene Glycol was a key ingredient in our education month on ingredients and purchasing habits within the beauty industry. It is used for what purpose? Propylene Glycol, a commonly used ingredient in deodorant products is an emulsifier that creates a silky application feel.

It is completely soluble in water and can be used as a carrier for lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants. It’s an anti-freeze ingredient. Propylene Glycol in large amounts can cause toxic reactions.

Remember how ingredient lists work? All products list ingredients in ascending order. In order of predominance, the ingredient with the highest amount is first. The next ingredient follows in decreasing order. This means that almost half of a product’s ingredient list includes Propylene Glycol.

There are many opinions on the safety of Propylene Glycol however, most research suggests that one ingredient could cause so many problems. Propylene Glycol is still present in many natural deodorants.

Propylene glycol in Skincare: What is the truth?

The record has been set straight by dermatologist Liz DeSousa for Byrdie. A quick Internet search for Propylene Glycol will yield a plethora of results that include warnings about “carcinogenic,” toxic and anti-freeze. It can also be found in foods and other products however, this article will focus on skincare.

However, there are many contradicting views and misinformation on the internet, making it difficult to know what we can trust.

Some people may not believe that questionable ingredients exist. However, the internet is full of misinformation and conflicting opinions.