Parenting Pointers: The Most Helpful Tools of 2013

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Being a parent is physically and mentally strenuous. The responsibilities can be endless, depending on the child’s age.
From making sure they are properly cleaned to picking up their toys after playtime to helping them through the difficult teen years, parents should definitely receive credit for their efforts.
However, the simple pleasure of watching their children grow healthy and happy may be a fitting reward in itself.
For single parents or parents who work two jobs a day, there are many useful parental tools for 2013 that can help simplify your role as a parent!

Identifying Threats

First and foremost, it is important to determine what dangers exist that could affect your child’s health and well-being. A timely aspect to investigate is the Internet, which children and teenagers of today’s generation are greatly exposed to. Based on studies conducted by, there are more than a million websites that contain graphic content including pornography, violence, and other unsafe information. This, combined with the range of adult TV shows that are easily viewed in the press of a button, makes it effortless for your children to immerse themselves in such undesirable environments whether it is in their intention to do so or otherwise.

Web-Based Tools

NetNanny - protection software

Various software applications exist to assist in managing where minors can browse online, the most popular of which include Cyber Control and Net Nanny. These programs can be configured by parents to block any websites that contain particular keywords that they set themselves. Make sure to try the program first with a limited free trial prior choosing the one that best fits your needs.
Apart from Internet software tools, you also have access to TV blocks today. The most popular device that blocks unsafe TV programs is known as the V-Chip, which automatically identifies a TV show’s or movie’s rating, and blocks it from being watched if the viewer fails to provide the right password.

Locking Devices

Protecting your child from fires or other dangers, such as electrocution, should be of paramount concern for every parent of a young child. Well, some great devices on the market now attach onto the prongs of an electrical plug, known as a power plug lock. Only with a key can the plugs be unlocked for use, and these are a great tool for parents in need of extra help.


A handful of gadgets can turn the lifestyle of busy, stressed parents into a relaxed and manageable routine. A good example is the voice-activated crib light. This is a small contraption that adheres to the side of a crib. Once your baby begins to cry or call for you, the lights activate, characterized by glowing colors and soothing sounds that last for 10 minutes.
Other useful devices for parents are hands-free diaper pails, efficient changing tables, and glowing pillows, all of which are available for any budget.
Author: Judy Greyson writes about parenting, education and health. Her most recent work is on the 10 most affordable online colleges.

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