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Three Very Basic Health Tips

There are many detailed workout routines and diet plans to choose from. But if you dont have to do either of those and just be healthy as you are, you’re a lucky duck! For starters, here are three basic tips: First things first, drink more water. Our body sometimes easily gets dehydrated especially if you are a woman on the… Read More »Three Very Basic Health Tips

Try Some Unusual Energy Boosters

Drinking your favorite energy drink is not the best solution for relieving stress. Try these natural ways of getting your body up on the go. Do it the free, easy and right way! Wear something bright. It can either be a new dress, new pair of shoes or a bright yellow nail polish. This will make your day dazzling and… Read More »Try Some Unusual Energy Boosters

Time to Say Goodbye to Bellyfat

Of course, who doesn’t want fabulous abs right?  Did you know that one of the best ways to help you reduce risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease is to focus on your abs?  Here are some simple gut-trimming tips that will help you take the inches off. Try to avoid beer. Beer drinkers usually have higher waist-to-hip ratios than… Read More »Time to Say Goodbye to Bellyfat

Keep Your Heart Happy

In the age of computers, modern machines that make life easier and exercise as less as possible, it’s high time we made smart decisions for our health and body.  So lets start with the heart. Studies show that heart attack is still the number one cause of death and nobody wants to belong to that category, to be honest. With… Read More »Keep Your Heart Happy