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Flaunt your Summer Vacation with these 7 Beauty Lifehacks

Flaunt your Summer Vacation with these 7 Beauty Lifehacks

Yes! Summer. Is it just me or ‘Summer’ and ‘Vacation’ seriously go well together. I’m pretty sure most of us have planned ahead a ton of things to do in our summer vacation. Mostly fun things I suppose. Yeah sure, just take a picture here and there. Just wherever you think the view beautifully matches with your portrait.

But wait, what’s with that uneven complexion I see even from a mile? Ugh, that stubborn acne just ruined the view. Those dry and flaky lips are a nightmare. Photoshop is a thing nowadays, but wouldn’t it be much better if you’d look all-natural? Something you could proudly flaunt to all your friends.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a list of Beauty Lifehacks that’ll make you flaunt your summer vacation. Ain’t that great?

The 7 Beauty Lifehacks

  1. Solve Acne Problems
beauty lifehacks

Nothing can ruin a nice photo excruciatingly like an acne can do. We all hate that stubborn acne appearing on spots we never want it to be. Now we don’t want to let it ruin our vacation photos do we. We got you a convenient way to keep those acne away on your vacation.

Mix an equal amount of tea tree oil and water together and apply it on the face as beauty lifehacks. Make sure to apply it only on the spot of the breakout. Tee tree oil is composed of natural antibacterial and inflammatory properties that help with breakouts and acne problems.

  1. Keep Lips Moist
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Flaky lips in summer are a common thing. The hot weather usually causes your lips to go dry. Keep it hydrated all the time wit this all-natural and accessible balm solution. Equally, mix olive oil and white sugar and gently tap on lips. Remember not to put too much, as it may cause irritation.

Sugar works well with exfoliating your chapped lips as beauty lifehacks. When mixed with olive oil, it provides moisture and hydrates your lips and also makes it look brighter.

  1. Keep Hair Moisturized
beauty lifehacks

Keeping your hair moisturized in summer is one heck of a job. You’d need a lot of moisturizing beauty lifehacks products to keep from getting frizzy. But then that could be costly. So here’s a cheap way for you to try on with moisturizing your hair.

In a 1/4 cup of water, add a 1:1 ratio of honey and coconut oil, you can add in a bit of lavender essence to keep hair fragrant. Honey contains emollient and humectant properties that makes it good for moisturizing the hair. While coconut oil also has been proven from quite a time now that its great for moisturizing hair, when mixed with honey, it doubles the effect on keeping hair moisturized beauty lifehacks for longer.

  1. Fix Oily face
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Keeping your face oil-free in the summer heat as beauty lifehacks is one tough job. We all get extra sweaty during this season. So you might wanna put an extra dose of that oil-free facial product. But won’t that irritate the skin? Why settle with that when you can make an all-natural solution on your own.

You might have an oatmeal on your kitchen, mix it it with warm water and add a tablespoon of honey. Then whip it until you get a sticky texture. Lather on face and then rinse after fifteen minutes. Oatmeal is good with soaking excess oil on face and also contains natural cleansers beauty lifehacks called saponins.

  1. Waterproof Make-ups
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On a hot weather of summer, we usually apply on waterproof makeups. The warm atmosphere makes it hard to keep the make up in tacked. While it’s good to use waterproof make ups it’s a problem after. Removing it is harder.

You can make your own inexpensive makeup remover solution at home. A simple olive oil will do the trick. Put olive oil on cotton and remove makeup with it.

  1. Cure Cellulite
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Cellulite or orange peel skin could be a bother. While some remains not bothered by it, some are trying hard to hide them. Confidently flaunt your legs on summer after trying on a natural home remedy to those orange peel skin.

Coffee wrap is one of the most effective natural way to reduce cellulite. Mix traditional coffee grounds with hot water and stir until you get the consistency desired. You can a bit of olive oil if desired. Apply the mixture on skin and wrap with plastic wrap. You could also scrub it as an alternative.

  1. Achieve Even-Toned Skin
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Going to the beach might be the first thing on your list. But the thing is, you usually get uneven complexion from staying under the sun. Some areas are tanned and some are not. Here’s something you should do after enjoying the beach. Grab a piece of lemon, a pinch of white sugar, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Squeeze and mix it all together and gently rub on skin.

Lemon contains vitamin C acting as a free radical-fighting antioxidant keeping skin even-toned with all the tanning. You’d not only keep your skin fair but also helps with moisturizing. Lemon also helps strengthen our body’s immune system.

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