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A 3 Quick Guideline to Process Street

A 3 Quick Guideline to Process Street

The Process Street Introduction

What is Process Street?

Process Street

Process Street is a party-line ideal for businesses and group works. It is a software where you can organize workflows, checklists, and operating processes for your group. Process Street allows groups who work together to track their business duty status and activity, and this helps a lot of companies and teams to work at the same rhythm when it comes to tasks.

Process Street allows multiple people to work on the task they have at the same time without having too much hassle in transferring data from time to time. Process Street offers free and upgraded plans. Free plans are suitable for people who don’t have much workload and can deal with having limited access to the software’s features. However, obtaining its upgraded plan takes working onto a whole new level by not having limited access to several elements of Process Street.

Here are some vital information you might need before using Process Street:

How do I create an account?

Account in Process Street

To get an account in Process Street, you have to enter an email address to use as a validation throughout the whole duration of signing in. Afterward, you must input your password, company details, and others that could be confidential. Always remember that Process Street will not ask for any billing information in this process. They will only ask for your billing details when you wish to upgrade your plan. This step occurs in the homepage of the site. You also have the option to watch the video if you think it goes well with the process you want.

Process Street Team

There is also an option wherein you can initially add your team members. However, if they still don’t have an account, you can skip this process and add them afterward. Remember that only those who have an account in Process Street can use it. It is better to have your team members informed when you process an account to lessen work when creating a template.

Process Street Account

After accomplishing a few signing up processes, you can now use your Process Street account! Many startup options are possible, but it is recommendable to use the +New option to begin smoothly with your template. You can also choose to start by clicking the blue button, which will take you to a model showing how to run a checklist.

How do I start working in Process Street?

When you have clicked the +New option, Process Start allows you to set up your template. With a free plan, you can only add up to 5 active templates at the same time.

First Template

Firstly, assign a name for your checklist. 

Assigning your template name, in the beginning, is a must. To do this, you have to click the +Newoption to go on with organizing your template.

Firstly, assign a name for your checklist. 

Assigning your template name, in the beginning, is a must. To do this, you have to click the +Newoption to go on with organizing your template.

Assigning Template

Four options will appear on the main box, if you want to edit your template, choose the Edit this Template option and begin your process. You can find these options at the rightmost part of the website.

Process Street Basics

These are the sample tasks written on your first template. However, you can edit them and add more tasks. You can take these checklist sets of names as a suggestion when having tasks.

Process Street Tools

Process Street offers a wide variety of tools to use for editing a template. This way, users will not have a hard time organizing and putting up their desired checklist and workflow.

Process Assign Topic

On top of each task, four options allow you to assign the topic, set the due date, add a stop, and give permission access. Every work template has these options.

Process Run Checklist

When done setting up your template, you can now run your checklist.

Process Complete Task

Running a checklist users to give comments and talk to their team members regarding the project assigned to them.

The same process goes when you want to add another template.

Process Street Usage

If you have more questions regarding the usage of Process Street, you can look at the upper rightmost side of the screen and click your name initials. It will show options that can guide you on your Process Street journey.

Can I upgrade my Process Street account to premium?

Process Street Upgrade

Yes, you can upgrade your Process Street plan. This way, you can utilize the software more and can make as many workloads as you can.

Process Street Plan

Getting an upgraded Process Street account is way more convenient and useful since it allows more features. However, if you are okay with just having limited checklists and templates, the free plan will work for you.

There are only a few steps to familiarize yourself with Process Street. It provides convenience, especially to those working in the business field. Group works are made more comfortable with this software. One does not need much time to sign-up for this site. One of the proofs that Process Street’s mission is to lessen the inconvenience of many people.