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50 Things That You Can Do For Him

[quote]Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can’t sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can’t sleep with the window open. ~ George Bernard Shaw[/quote]
It is true but there are 50 things that you can do with your husband. Have a look on the list.

  1. Be a good listener and let him speak.
  2. Share jokes, stories with your husband.
  3. Let do evening-walk with hand-in-hand on the beach.
  4. Express to him that you need him.
  5. Meet his friends enthusiastically with a safe distance.
  6. Try not to annoy him, especially when he is tired.
  7. Go for a second honeymoon, not only to freshly reignite love/sex rapport but also to spend a quality time together.
  8. Be courteous, polite in routine life.
  9. Accept your mistakes as well as forgive him for his mistakes.
  10. Go for a romantic movie.
  11. Plan a romantic evening in a restaurant.
  12. Wear his imagination in nights.
  13. Ask him what he wants to do with you.
  14. Assist him to fulfill his dream.
  15. Have a dream of your own home.
  16. Ask him to start your own home business.
  17. Give him a sensual body massage (including romantic zones).
  18. Welcome him in the evening with a hot coffee.
  19. Maintain yourself as you have to maintain a child (your husband).
  20. Give him surprises.
  21. Respect his relatives.
  22. Avoid disputed matters in your communication.
  23. Sit close to him in the park to remember early days of romance.
  24. Say, “I Love You” to him.
  25. Don’t praise other men (it may irritates him).
  26. When in naughty mood… entertain him with sex ‘as a bad girl’.
  27. If you have any issue related to marriage, go to marriage counselor.
  28. Put your hands around his neck and kiss him on forehead.
  29. Show him that you are always ready to help him in your heart.
  30. Prefer him to your friends, especially at public places.
  31. Give him kiss *occasionally.
  32. Show him you care for him.
  33. Don’t give him a lecture, if he is not a deaf.
  34. Praise him for his gifts. May be you don’t like it, but it is a method to show your respect to him.
  35. On disputed issues make a final decision in once and never cross the limit.
  36. Ask him daily, how was the day.
  37. Call in once in a day in his office to exchange phone kisses.
  38. Give him a pet name.
  39. Use a code word for sex to use in crowd.
  40. Have a candle light dinner.
  41. Fulfil his fantasies.
  42. Go horse riding occasionally.
  43. Throw a surprise party on his birthday.
  44. Celebrate his success.
  45. Introduce him with manicure and pedicure.
  46. Give him a facial massage.
  47. Do a quick race on bicycle in early morning.
  48. Enjoy a romantic night (improvise activities).
  49. Serve him his favorite dish.
  50. Spend a family time with your spouse and children.