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Where To Purchase Christie-brinkley Skin Care

Where To Purchase Christie-brinkley Skin Care

Where to Buy Christie Brinkley Skin Care

Christie Brinkley Skin Care is one of the most popular lines of beauty products on the market. SBLA Beauty was founded by actress and supermodel Randi Cogan-Shinder. The company’s facial sculpting wand and Instant Lip Plump and Sculpt Filler are among the most popular.

Each jar contains about one third ounce of product and they can last a very long time. One of the more popular Christie Brinkley products is the Refocus Eye Cream.

The formula contains a special Amino Acid blend and Calcium which serve as the building blocks of skin cells. The product is also infused with a specially formulated Bio-Copper that boosts the skin’s cell turnover and ultra-hydration.

Christie Brinkley recommends using a product with a high SPF. The patented Refocus Eye serum contains ViaPure Poria, a botanical extract that boosts blood circulation. Magnolia Super Extract is an antioxidant.

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