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Three Very Basic Health Tips

There are many detailed workout routines and diet plans to choose from. But if you dont have to do either of those and just be healthy as you are, you’re a lucky duck! For starters, here are three basic tips:
First things first, drink more water.
Our body sometimes easily gets dehydrated especially if you are a woman on the go, cells inside our body hold on to more water compared to the food and other drinks we take. Water helps and promotes a healthy digestion. It is recommended to have at least 6 to 12 glasses of water a day depending on one’s activity and how hot the weather is outside. Make a habit to drink hot water with lemon first thing in the morning to jump start your metabolism and digestion which will send you to the bathroom and clean your insides in no time.
Relieve that Stress
There are lots of stress relievers out there. You are a woman, baking, dancing, aerobics, shopping and whatever you decide on is perfect just as long as you ignore Little Miss Stress hormone and eating or nibbling food won’t do the trick. Deep breathing and meditation will do. Look for an activity with profound positive effects on you and just don’t think about storing fats in your body.
It’s okay to eat fat, just a little though.
If you cut off to a nonfat diet, you lose enzymes that help digest fat in your body according to experts. Don’t make the mistake of cutting all the fat from your diet. There is such a word that works with shrinking your waistline which is Moderation. Just slow it down, there are healthy fats out there that you need, such as t tablespoon of oil.

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