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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Home Remedies for Eyelash Growths

Natural beauty is what most people like and it is contributed by a number of things; healthy skin and beautiful eyes. With a beautiful face it hides all those things that you may be thinking are letting down your beauty are hidden. Eyes are one of the parts that people can easily neglect thinking that it does not have any impact but it does. Thanks to the people who invented mascara and eye shadows that enhances the appearance of the eyes. Apart from these artificial ways of making the eyes beautiful, there is a natural and a more effective way; this is making your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Below is the ultimate cheat sheet on home remedies for the growth of eyelashes;

  1. Mind what you eat
    Almost every aspect of beauty depends on the content of what you eat. A balanced diet is always that one that includes a lot of vitamins and other important nutrients. Eggs, meat, vegetables, fish and fruits are some foods that you require for your eyelashes. Avoid skipping meals to maintain your skinny figure because exercise can help you maintain a beautiful figure.
  2. Straighten your eyelashes
    If you have long hair, I am very sure that you understand the importance of combing your hair. Combing is not only for making it neat but also preventing it from clumping together which can lead to plugging out when you are combing. The same applies to eyelashes brushing can prevent plugging out during curling. Always use a brush with soft bristles to brush your eyelashes every morning. This will ensure continuous uninterrupted growth of the lashes.
  3. Trim your eyelashes
    Just like the hair requires trimming to remove the stunted growth and encourage growth, and so do the eyelashes. Trimming is one of the most effective home remedies for eyelash growth that does not require any chemical hence more natural. This will help remove the upper part that is preventing further growth. Trim your eyelashes every three months to trigger the follicle stimulates fast growth.
  4. Remove eye makeup before you go to bed
    Removing makeup is very important for the eyelashes and also for yours skin. Make up blocks the skin pores and hence removing makeup gives the eyelashes time to breath which encourages growth. Be very gentle when removing mascara because they can cause the eyelashes to plug out. Eyelashes take very long to grow hence plugging them out is something that you should not even try. You should never sleep with your makeup.
  5. Treating your eyelashes with olive oil
    Oil is well known for treating the hair but apart from that it also good for making the eyelashes long and thick. Once you remove your makeup at night use a clean mascara stick to apply olive oil on your eyelashes and let it stay overnight. In the morning, wash away the oil to let the pores breathe. Do this every day to your eyelashes and you will witness the positive results after 2 months. Also you can use hydrolyze that is intended to eliminate dark circles under your eyes.
  6. Petroleum jelly do wonders
    Petroleum jelly is mostly used to moisturize the skins of babies. This shows how safe it is also for you face. Apply your favorite petroleum jelly on your eyelashes after removing your makeup to make them stronger and thicker. Petroleum jelly is always readily available at a cheaper price and the most well known is Vaseline.
  7. A mixture of lemon peels and olive oil
    Lemon and olive oil are the well known natural products for their great output in treating the skin. You are only required to soak lemon peels in olive oil and apply the resultant liquid on your eyelashes to encourage growth. Castor oil can also be used to in place of olive oil.
  8. Green tea leaves juice
    When you decide to go natural, green tea leaves is one of the ways you can choose for the growth of your eyelashes. Deep fresh green tea leaves into boiling water to obtain the green tea juice then apply the juice on your eyelashes. Do it regularly and with time eyelashes will grow longer and thicker.

An Eyelash is a very minute part of the body but has greater impact on the beauty of an individual. It brings out that sexy look in a woman. Instead of struggling to look for money to treat your eyelashes or buying artificial eyelashes, read the latest news on eyelash-care. The above-elaborated methods are the ultimate cheat sheet on home remedies for eyelash growth.

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