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The Newest Trends For Acne Treatment

The most common skin disease in the world which affects most teenagers and many adults, is acne. Interesting enough, men over the age of 40, still suffer from acne by 15%. Women in their 40s suffer from acne by 5%. Adult acne is a condition that is very traumatizing for adults. Treating adult acne can be very exhausting and frustrating. There still is the perception that acne is caused by eating a lot of sugar, stress, and not washing your face. Unfortunately, many will purchase strong washes containing anti-bacterial formula will get rid of acne. This is not the case at all.
Fortunately, there is hope for acne sufferers. There are several new treatments out there to treat acne. I’d like to inform you about these latest trends in acne treatment. Hopefully this will give any acne sufferer hope, knowing that there are several options to treat stubborn acne.
One treatment that’s new is a laser treatment called N-Light. This laser is a yellow light and it completely destroys any bacteria that creates acne. What’s great about this laser is that when it penetrates the bacteria. It creates a chemical reaction using a yellow or blue light. This chemical reaction is what kills the bacteria. How does it kill the bacteria? There is a substance called porphyry which is photosensitive the bacteria. Interestingly enough, there is a difference between the blue light in the yellow light. The yellow light is the laser that will kill all of the acne causing bacteria and gets into the skin and are more deeper level. This results longer-term success.
The blue light also treats acne. However, doesn’t penetrate as deeply as the yellow light, so acne can return at a quicker rate. A single and-light treatment takes 15 minutes. A clinical study, which was recently performed showed that after this 15 min. treatment acne was reduced over 50% in 14 days and continue to decline for up to 90 days after the laser treatment.
Pro-Active is another latest trend in acne treatment. You might have seen the informercials selling this product. It’s main ingredient is Benzoyl.This ingredient is prescription grade peroxide and is strong enough to combat much of the acne. This latest acne treatment has a three step system that consists of a cleanser that is renewing, to prevent future acne. This very simple system to use can be incredibly effective.
Another one of the latest treatments for acne is an herbal facial peel called The Green Peel. This facial peel is a natural alternative to harsh chemical peels that can be to harsh on acne prone skin. This facial peel consists of natural herbs such as merigold, chamomile, ribwort, horsetail, algea, aloe vera. The type of pressure and duration of the peel on the skin can be closely regulated and tailored to each person’s needs.
Another type of laser treatment for acne is a UV laser, called The Clear Light Laser. The manufacturers of this product claim that more than 60% of acne can be treated in just one month.The treatment itself takes about 40 minutes and depending on the severity of the acne, the patient will need at least 6 sessions.

Clear Light Acne Treatment

More and more acne treatments are developing, so there is hope and solutions for all who are suffering from acne. For more info about acne treatments visit Cosmos Clinic website.

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