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Skin Tips From Experts

Trying new products to find the solution for flawless skin is never easy. Be thankful if you are genetically blessed with blemish-free wonders but honestly speaking some women are still not satisfied, they can still see a dry patch or two, and sometimes there’s a little bit of skin irritation that comes from time to time. So in case these little dilemmas happen, try to consult a dermatologist and ask them for suggestions and techniques for combating skin problems.
Apply Sunscreen
If your skin is a bit pale and easily burns but you don’t want to stay indoors or wear a turtleneck or dress like a beekeeper all the time, wear sunscreen. Apply it after taking a shower, on every spot of your body including the tops of your feet, crooks in your arms, areas between arms and shoulder and the back of your hand. Apply at least SPF 85 which is a high SPF.
You can also reapply every hour or two especially after swimming. Keep it handy in your car or bag.
Shrink that Blemish
Older women increase having blemishes because of their hormones. Use the following products which will work on any type of breakout.
Use medicated Acne Cleansers like a  refining mask directly on to your pimples and dry it off for about five minutes before washing your face with a gentle cleanser (ask your doctor what he/she recommends) The ingredient sulfur will diminish the pimple.
If you find the pimple is sore and inflamed, place ice cubes on it for one minute to reduce the swelling. You can also dab Benzoyl Peroxide cream on the pimple before you go to sleep. Use at least 2.5 percent of benzoyl peroxide which is not irritating to the skin.
Preventing those Line
Ask your dermatologist for a good beauty regimen and techniques. Again, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF for the rest of your life. Remember to have an aggressive approach when it comes to sun protection. You may use anti aging creams, lotions, moisturizers and other beauty products but always read the product labels.

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