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How to Look Fabulous On the Go

As you get older, it often seems there is not enough time in the day to look fabulous. Whether you are a business person or a parent, the day becomes shorter when you keep finding out that you need to something.

Then, you start put things aside, like adding make up or fixing your hair, and suddenly the day ends. Not everyone likes to look fabulous all day.

However, experts say that if you look most of the time, it makes you feel good, thus boosting yourself esteem. Here are seven tips that will help you look good – on the go!

  1. Hair

    An easy item to help with long hair is a headband. Headbands are not expensive and sell in a variety of colors and styles. As long as you take the time to pick out a chic headband (or a few), you can look remarkable in a minute. I much prefer a headband to a pony tail, even if they take the same amount of effort. Also, don’t forget that chopsticks help control and change a look as well. If you have a bit more time, consider utilizing a French braid. This is a fashionable and fast way to look good on the go, but be sure that it’s a tight braid.

  2. Bathroom Techniques

    A bathroom is the “laboratory” for how you look, and it is imperative that the time a person spends in the bathroom is used wisely. Write down the things you do in order to look good, so that you don’t forget anything and do nothing else. Then, merge these steps when you are in a hurry. For example, brush your teeth while you shower or shave while you are reading the newspaper. Use body scrub while your hair is conditioning. It may seem foolish at first, but every second counts. Set your bathroom up for speed. If you always have a messy bathroom, you will lose time looking for your tools to look good!

  3. Traveling

    I don’t recommend doing anything beauty-related while driving. However, if you know that you will counter traffic, then take that occasion to fix your eye liner, lipstick, or hair. The same can be said for using public transit or carpooling. If you use bus or taxi on an everyday basis, use these time frames for touch ups and the like.

  4. Make up

    When on the go, carry small products that can easily be applied in any situation. Make sure you have lip stick, oily skin towels, eyeliner, primer, foundation and a mirror. It doesn’t take long to look good, just look at yourself in the mirror throughout the day and touch up, so that you don’t have to worry about a whole new process before going out after work!

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