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How to Boost The Life Back into Your Skin, Without Going Under the Knife

How to Boost The Life Back into Your Skin, Without Going Under the Knife

There comes a point where we all wish we could turn back the clock and revisit the days when wrinkles and dull looking skin were a worry for the future. Before you know it however, you look in the mirror and see that the natural glow which once shone from your face has vanished. Instead, it has been replaced with dull, tired looking skin that’s exhibiting more wrinkles than you ever thought possible.

 However, before you head down the road of Botox and facelifts, there are many ways that you can boost the life back into your skin, without going under the knife – or the needle for that matter. The following tricks and tips will transform your skin in a matter of days, banishing your dull, tired complexion and revealing the fresh, youthful skin that is hiding underneath.

 1.   Moisturise your skin daily

 Especially with the winter months quickly approaching, your skin will need a whole lot of TLC. By massaging a rich moisturiser into your skin, you will instantly start to see your skin looking smoother and healthier. Not only will the moisturiser tackle any dry areas of skin, as you massage the cream into your face, you will also increase blood flow to that area, further reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

 2.   Conduct a skin analysis on your face

 You can either do this at home, or you can visit your local beauty salon where there are professionally trained therapists who can assess the condition of your skin. These therapists can provide you with an understanding of the natural condition of your face (dry, oily, combination, sensitive) allowing you to choose products that best compliment your skin type. This will ensure that you don’t irritate you skin with products that simply weren’t made for your skin type.

 3.   Cut down on the sugar

 Diet is often linked to skin condition, with various studies looking closely at the link between sugar and premature aging of the skin. During their study regarding this issue, Rajani Katta and Samir Desai found that the ingestion of sugar could accelerate signs of aging. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet and limiting your intake of sugar will undoubtedly help you to remain fresh faced and wrinkle free.

 4.   Avoid alcohol based cleansers

This topic has received a large amount of attention recently, with skincare expert Paula Begoun stating that ‘alcohol harms your skin’s protective barriers’, advising both men and women to avoid alcohol based products. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Shuttleworth has also advised against the use of these products, stating that alcohol- based products draw moisture away from your skin, leaving it dry and sensitive. With so many studies describing these products as ‘pro-aging’, I would avoid using them at all costs, focusing instead on products with little or no alcohol content.

 5.   Go for regular facials at your local salon

 Regular facials will transform your complexion from tired and dull to bright and rejuvenated. Research has explicitly linked stress to the development of acne, highlighting the importance of regular relaxation techniques when it comes to skin care. Therefore, not only will a facial allow you to sample new products, it will also allow you to completely relax and take an hour out of your day to focus solely on yourself.

 6.   Invest in the right makeup

 Whilst the cosmetics industry is forecast to reach $265 billion by 2017, there are still a large number of products that can (and will) do more harm than good to your skin. Having had a particularly bad reaction to a product that claimed to ‘equalise skin tone’, I decided to research the product to find out why my skin was reacting so badly. I found that one of the ingredients was powdered glass – not the answer I was expecting to find! This was when I realised that a high price tag does not necessarily reflect a high quality product. When shopping for beauty products, look at the ingredients list and try to invest in cosmetics with a high vitamin content and as many natural ingredients as possible. This will not only improve the quality of your skin, but it will also help to repair any damage that your skin has suffered over the years.

Author bio: Lucy Vardy is the owner and lead therapist at Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy. She is an expert in skin related issues including acne, hyperpigmentation and dehydrated skin. Lucy takes a holistic approach to skin treatments.

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